Revolutionary R211 Subway Trains: What New Yorkers and Visitors Need to Know

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NEWS - The R211 trains represent a significant advancement in New York City's subway system and are not only beneficial for commuters but also for tourists and travelers. These modern trains boast cutting-edge features that enhance your subway experience, providing a smoother, more enjoyable, and connected journey.

For tourists and travelers, the R211 trains offer a more comfortable and efficient means of exploring the city. With spacious interiors and improved air conditioning, you can relax and take in the sights without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. The advanced signaling and control systems of the R211 trains also ensure that you arrive at your destination on time, helping you to make the most of your time in New York City.

Moreover, the R211 trains are equipped with the latest technology that allows you to stay connected throughout your journey. With onboard Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, you can stay connected with friends and family or catch up on work emails during your commute.

Journalists Take A First Look At The New Subway Design

New York subway

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or the MTA, invited journalists to take a test ride on the R211 train on February 3, 2023. They are among the first to experience the all-new R211 trains.

The journey started from the MTA Coney Island Yard in Brooklyn and took them on a thrilling ride along Kings Highway before returning back to Coney Island, as per Eyewitness News.

This episode was an excellent opportunity for reporters to experience the advanced features and cutting-edge technology of the new R211 trains firsthand and to share the amazing features with people.

The anticipated R211 subway trains are said to be set for the public towards the end of 2023.

The R211 Train Replacing the Outdated R46 Cars

New York City has old subway cars, one of which is the R46s. These are the type of subway cars that the R211 will replace.

These outdated trains have been a part of New York City's subway system since 1975 and have been carrying passengers for over four decades.

Although they have a long history, R46 subway cars have had a rough one. Inspectors found cracks in the trucks, which just kept popping up until they reached 889 cracks. That's how bad it was!

Cracks in subway trucks can have severe consequences for the safety and reliability of the train. If the damage is severe enough, it can cause the train to derail, putting passengers at risk. 

And when it comes to keeping people safe while commuting, there's just no room for error. It is time to say goodbye to the old and cramped subway cars, the R46s.

The Ultimate Upgrade: The R211 Train's State-of-the-Art Features

The New York City Transit is modernizing its subway system, which includes replacing the R46s with sleek and high-tech R211 trains to accommodate the growing ridership and provide a better commuting experience. 

So, hold tight, New York, because change is coming to the subway!

First off, the shiny seats will give you a fresh and clean feeling every time you step onboard. But that's just the start! These trains also feature some open gangways, meaning you can walk the entire train length and never feel cramped or confined. 

Arrows pointing in three directions in the floor graphics of an R211 subway car prototype on view in New York City

Plus, the broader doors make getting on and off the train easier, reducing delays and making travel more efficient. The door has an opening of 58 inches.

But the real magic of the R211 trains is in the technology. No more trying to decipher outdated subway maps or guess at delays because these trains are equipped with cutting-edge digital displays that provide real-time information on train locations, delays, and service updates. 

Plus, the trains have cameras for increased security, giving tourists and locals peace of mind as they travel.

The R211 trains are designed to be more accessible and inclusive for everyone. The priority seating for those with disabilities is a huge step toward making the subway system more accommodating for everyone.

A yellow wheelchair accessibility sign on the floor graphics of an R211 subway car prototype on view in New York City

These trains indeed represent a major investment in the future of New York City's subway system. It was a 1.4-billion-investment for these new subway cars.

Ready or Not, Here Comes the R211: Public Expectations and Reactions

People have been talking about the new R211 subway train and sharing their thoughts on ">Youtube and TikTok

Some folks are excitedly buzzing, eager to try out the modern, updated ride. Others are more hesitant, perhaps concerned about the outcome.

Regardless of their stance, one thing is for sure; people definitely have a lot to say about this new addition to the subway system!

Commuters Share Their Excitement on the R211 Subway Cars

There have been a ton of positive remarks floating around about the open gangway.

"They keep removing seats. But at least they made them darker so they don't look dirty like the light blue ones," an appreciative passenger remarked.

"Finally, cameras," a satisfied passenger commented.

"I am very excited about these trains. We need new trains and this is gonna help make service better and it'll provide a better flow of traffic in & out of the train. There will be more pros than cons out of this and I can't wait to ride these on the A Train when they go into passenger service!" a thrilled one uttered.

Voicing Concerns: Public Reactions to the R211 Train

But that does not stop there! There are also a lot of negative comments on social media about the R211 subway train.

"Ah, that sigh of relief when a loud person opens the door and goes to another car won't exist. They can just stand in the "open gangway" and continue their rant," one observer sarcastically commented.

"And if there is a train fire, the lack of doors will mean that the fire cannot be contained to the origin car(s) - and will have free reign to spread across the entire consist," a concerned observer chimed in.

"I'm glad to know they wasted all our money on pointless crap. These trains will probably be way less reliable than the current ones. Even worse, without those train dividers, people will feel even more packed inside than we already do," an uptight onlooker declared.

"I wonder if those walk-through connections are going to be a trip hazard. They need to keep the last car separate. That way, all the folks that smoke on the train can do so without affecting everyone," another concerned citizen stated.

"So, what happens when you can't separate yourself from the crazy or violent people?" an anxious commuter asked.

"That's what I'm worried about. Who's the idiot behind this design," a disappointed passenger responded.

More and more are sharing their thoughts, especially about the smell!

"Now that whole train gonna be suffering when that one guy comes in the train to smoke a pack of cigarettes. Great," one displeased citizen remarked.

Another anxious passenger added, "Now the smell can go through the entire train instead of one car….".

"Now the stench of the homeless will reek in every car," a distressed commuter stated.

"Now you won't be able to change cars to avoid "that" smell. It will waft through the entire length of the train and permeate your clothing", an unappeased rider commented.

People also can't stop complaining about the train being the new place for homeless people.

"Great...homeless people will have a New place to go to...& Great for a crime...yey!!!" one observer sarcastically declared.

"THE HOMELESS ARE REJOYCING....THEIR NEW BEDS HAVE ARRIVED," one onlooker jokingly commented.

"Homeless people are going to love this new house," a witty individual stated.

Public's Divided Opinions About R211 Train

The new R211 subway train is indeed causing quite the buzz, with opinions divided among the public. While some are impressed by its modern design and advanced features, others are skeptical and have raised concerns about its potential flaws. 

It's interesting to see how people's views and opinions vary. Still, ultimately, it will be up to the riders to decide if the new R211 subway train is truly a step forward for the New York City subway system. 

In summary, the R211 trains are a game-changer for anyone using New York City's subway system, including tourists and travelers. These state-of-the-art trains offer advanced features that improve your subway experience, providing a more comfortable, efficient, and connected journey.

How about you? What are your thoughts about the R211 subway train? Comment down below!

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