Midnight Sun Log Cabins, near Seward, Alaska [Accommodation Review]

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Finding a good place to stay when traveling in Alaska can be challenging. With the influx of visitors eager to explore the stunning landscapes during the summer, finding a comfortable and affordable place to stay requires early planning.

This is especially true in popular areas, where the balance of supply and demand drives prices up and availability down. This challenge is even more pronounced for families, making the quest for the perfect stay an integral part of trip planning.

In our journey across the majestic Kenai Peninsula, we stumbled upon a delightful retreat that felt like a home away from home: Midnight Sun Log Cabins in Moose Pass, Alaska.

This review shares our experience at these charming cabins, offering a cozy, rustic escape amidst Alaska's wilderness, all while maintaining a budget-friendly ethos.

Whether you're plotting an adventure to Seward, planning to hike the trails, or simply seeking solace in nature, our stay at Midnight Sun Log Cabins revealed a slice of Alaskan paradise worth considering for your itinerary.

Our Stay at Midnight Sun Log Cabins

First Impressions and Hospitality

Our three-night stay at Midnight Sun Log Cabins was nothing short of delightful. The cabin exuded a rustic charm that immediately made us feel at home. It was well-equipped with all the essentials, offering ample space for our family of four.

The cabin's warmth was matched by the owner, Chris, whose friendly demeanor added a personal touch to our experience. Sharing a cooked breakfast with Chris and other guests in his cabin was a highlight, fostering a sense of community and warmth.

Overall, it was a lovely stay, very unique, and at reasonable rates for the area. One reason for the affordable prices is the distance from town. The other was that we made reservations well in advance.

If you're looking to save on accommodation - or other things - when traveling to Alaska, read our guide about the cost of Alaska travel and our budgeting tips.

The Strategic Location of Midnight Sun Cabins

midnight sun cabins map

Midnight Sun Cabins are ideally positioned in the quaint town of Moose Pass, a gem tucked away near the crossroads of Highway 1 and Highway 9.

This prime location offers guests a seamless blend of accessibility and immersion in Alaska's stunning natural beauty. A mere half-hour drive connects you to the coastal town of Seward, while Anchorage lies just under two hours away.

The captivating scenery surrounding the cabins showcases the raw beauty of Alaska, a view that can be appreciated directly from the map's terrain feature.

Proximity to Alaskan Adventures

The strategic location of the cabins serves as a gateway to the myriad attractions the Kenai Peninsula has to offer.

Our adventures in Seward included marveling at marine life at the Sealife Center, trekking the trails around Exit Glacier, and embarking on a memorable cruise through the Kenai Fjords National Park.

These experiences highlight the variety of activities accessible from Moose Pass, offering a balance of adventure and tranquility.

You can read about our list of things to do in Seward and see our report on the Kenai Fjords cruise here.

The Essence of Road-Tripping

Staying at Midnight Sun Cabins does necessitate having your own transportation. Each journey to and from Seward encapsulates the essence of road-tripping in Alaska, with the drive presenting an opportunity to witness the landscape's changing moods and colors.

We found joy in navigating the route with our rental SUV, discovering that the road's beauty, particularly as it nears Moose Pass, added a layer of enjoyment to our travel experience.

This combination of serene location, proximity to key attractions, and the joy of the journey itself makes Midnight Sun Cabins a compelling choice for those seeking to explore the heart of Alaska by road.

Reflecting on Our Stay at Midnight Sun Log Cabins

A Warm Welcome in the Wilderness

Our journey to Midnight Sun Log Cabins began with a scenic drive from Anchorage, with a pleasant interlude in Girdwood.

Upon arrival, the cabin, nestled among the trees and adorned with a charming porch, awaited us. It felt like stepping into a postcard of Alaskan wilderness. Parking directly in front, we were greeted by our boys' excited anticipation of exploration.

Entering the cabin

Inside Our Rustic Retreat

The cabin's interior was a harmonious blend of rustic charm and functionality.

The spacious first floor hosted a comfortable sleeping area with cozy double beds and a flat-screen TV, cleverly separated from the dining and bathroom areas by a staircase and a curtain for privacy.

cabin view

The kitchenette, equipped with a microwave, mini-fridge, and kettle, catered to our basic needs, adjacent to a quaint dining space.

dining area

The compact yet inviting bathroom featured a shower, rounding out the cabin's amenities.

Our children were delighted with the attic space above, accessible by the staircase, adding a touch of adventure to their stay.

The Heartwarming Experience of Shared Breakfasts

One of the highlights of our stay was the communal breakfast served in a separate cabin. While our teenagers preferred a quiet morning in our cabin, my partner and I embraced the opportunity to mingle with other guests.

Over Chris's delicious pancakes and the warmth of shared stories, we connected with travelers from across the globe, enriching our experience beyond the physical comforts of our stay.

A Family-Friendly Haven

Midnight Sun Log Cabins was an idyllic choice for our family's adventure in Seward. It offered the perfect balance of seclusion within the Alaskan wilderness and convenience for exploring the local attractions, provided you have your transport.

The cabins' affordability, coupled with their cozy and rustic appeal, makes them a commendable option for families looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Kenai Peninsula.

For those considering this enchanting retreat, making a reservation through Booking.com could be the first step towards an unforgettable Alaskan adventure.

Our stay at Midnight Sun Log Cabins was a heartwarming and memorable part of our Alaska journey, embodying the essence of rustic charm and hospitality in the heart of the wilderness.

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