11 Best Israel Trip Reports in 2017

I love reading trip reports by other bloggers almost as much as I enjoy writing my own. The good ones are both both inspirational and informative. Since I live in Israel, I thought it would be interesting to see what other bloggers write when creating Israel trip reports.11 Best Israel Trip Reports that were posted online in 2017 - Must read if you're planning a trip to Israel

Trip reports are an interesting concept. They’re a great fit for shorter trip. Writing our Paris trip report and our Berlin trip report, made me realize that four days (the length of those trips) was a great time span for writing a single-post report. Covering six days in the French Alps was also good for a single report.

However, our great Alaska road trip couldn’t possibly fit into a single post. So I had to break it down into reports of certain activities like our visit to Denali or our glacier boat cruise in Seward. As for Israel, well since we live here, I tend to create either guide posts – based on multiple visits – like this one about visiting Akko or Beit Guvrin National Park.

The bloggers in this collection of Israel trip reports have mostly visited Israel for specific – and limited – periods of time. A few experienced slow traveling in Israel though. I found both perspectives interesting so decided to include both.

Best Israel Trip reports in 2017

I scoured the web for recent ones and compiled this list for you. After you read about the various bloggers featured here and their reports, do scroll on to read my own insights about these reports.

1. Top 10 Highlights from One Week Exploring Israel

Blog: Jones Around The World by Jones

Jones tags himself as the Nomadic Grad Student. He realized his passion for traveling after a seven-week trip in Europe. Ever since then, he took on the challenge of working, studying, and traveling simultaneously.

His trip report describes a week spent in Israel, along with several bloggers (including fellow blogger TravelTomTom whose blog is also featured in this roundup). It’s a great and colorful trip report. Sponsored by the Israeli board of tourism, these lucky bloggers got to try Bedouin Camping, off-roading in the desert and visiting the “Grand Canyon” version of Israel – aka Makhtesh Ramon – to name a few. Well, what else would you expect from a perfectly planned media trip by Vibe Israel?

2. ISRAEL – The best 10-day Israel road trip itinerary to Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv

Blog: CTB Global (Chris Travel Blog) by Chris W.

One thing that really impressed me is how Chris unites business and leisure both into luxurious travel – not to mention, on a budget! And he can do just that all the time. His report of ten days in Israel focuses on a road trip with a distinct itinerary you should follow when visiting the country. It offers comprehensive information about visiting Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv. If you’re planning to experience these places, his post would make a great read.

3. My Israel Trip, And Why I Loved It.

Blog: Aditi’s Monologue by Aditi Mathur

A #TEDx speaker and author of two books, Aditi Mathur is yet another exceptional individual making her own path in the travel world. As a woman and mother, she’s a beacon that inspires people to travel ALONE and explore how travel changes you as a person.

I really admire her Israel Trip – one of the best posts so far – for the fact that despite everyone’s discouragement and defamation of Israel, she still headed for the place anyway. That’s when she proved everyone wrong and showcased Israel in a positive light.

4. Israel

Blog: Kevin & Amanda by Kevin and Amanda

Kevin and Amanda is a sweet couple that share their lives with two lovely Boston Terriers. Their blog is not just about traveling – it’s a haven for foodies and photographers too.

They have an incredible post about Israel that focuses on the historical aspects of traveling in the Holy Land. The article is filled with beautiful and vibrant images for your eyes to feast upon. Be warned though, you would really want to fly to this country after seeing these stunning pictures.

5. Tel Aviv Posts

Blog: Caroline in the City by Caroline Eubanks

Caroline is a freelance writer working for several media entities from blogs to newspapers. Contrary to most travel bloggers, Caroline tends to stay in a place for long periods (from weeks or even a year). That way, she is able to get to know more of the place rather than just ticking an item off her bucket list.

Her blog about Israel is quite impressive considering she actually has an archive of posts about traveling in the country – not just a single article. The archive focuses on Tel Aviv and Jaffa and if you’re heading in that direction, do check it out.

6. 7 Day Itinerary in Israel: Our Epic One Week Israel Tour

Blog: Dream Euro Trip by DJ Yabis

Despite the specific blog name, the story of DJ Yabis is not just about European escapades – but also about other places around the world, with a unique gay perspective.

If you’re a young, vibrant person planning for a whole week Israeli travel, his itinerary is a good one to follow. More fun and less history. You will get this exhilarating feeling as his post takes you from the religious capital of the country – lots of must-go places in between – to the party capital of the nation!

7. 6 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tel Aviv

Blog: The Planet D by Dave and Deb

Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil make a fortysomething couple with a passion in traveling. They now have a full-fledged media company working with large partners like Cathay Pacific and American Express. They travel around the world and happened to have a stop in Israel.

I like how they expressed that Israel is not just about Jerusalem and some other popular historical attractions. Tel Aviv also has a lot of great things to offer (Yes, I’m biased, as you can tell from my post of 11 awesome things to do in Tel Aviv). Truly, their post will make you fall in love with the New York of Israel!

8. 4 Days In Tel Aviv

Blog: The Traveler’s Journey by Amy B. Draheim

Amy is a writer whose work took her all over the US, which paved the way to a more profound understanding of tourism and significantly enhanced her experiences as a traveler. She has published a novel but believes she’ll find more plot twists in traveling than writing fiction.

Her 4 days in Tel Aviv is a detailed layout of how to make the most of the city in as little as four days. She also made stops in Jaffa and actually made it as far as the Dead Sea – which is actually outside of Tel Aviv. Again, all in four days!

9. 17 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Israel

Blog: Traveltomtom by Tom

It’s fascinating that Tom got on the same Israeli trip with Jones of Jones Around the World blog. However he published a post in a different, yet highly useful way. It’s his first time in Israel and he believes everyone must know some essential things first so you won’t either be surprised or disappointed.

He wrote down 17 things you need to know before you travel to Israel. It’s a comprehensive article that teaches you the customs, culture, things to be mindful of, and more importantly, tips to make the most of your Israeli visit! That way, you can plan your trip better.


10. 11 things you cannot miss when in Jerusalem

Blog: Miss Tourist by Yulia

Yulia educates readers on how to travel the smart way – giving valuable tips on how to make the most of a place without paying for unnecessary fees. And if you’re looking for something ideal for solo backpackers, you should check her blog!

She pointed out 11 things you cannot miss when in Jerusalem. I like how she included a spot which is not yet featured in most blogs because the place is still new. I also love how she elaborated the diversity of Jerusalem and how she debunked certain notions that the city is just for praise and worship – when you can actually enjoy a nightlife filled with good beer, food, and music!


11. I Found the Fountain of Youth in Israel

Blog: Ordinary Traveler by Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore

Christy and Scott are a couple who has been satisfying their wanderlust for more than eight years already. They are the perfect example of people who share a love for traveling without giving up their ‘ordinary’ lives – the type of which who still have a permanent home, stable office job, and want to raise a family while simultaneously chasing adventures often – which actually really reminds me of our family.

Christy has an interesting post about the Dead Sea being the Fountain of Youth of Israel. Anyone who wants to visit Israel but can’t think of a reason must read her post. Floating in the Dead Sea alone might be reason enough for you. And don’t forget to read my Dead Sea guide too!

12. Adventure in Southern Israel – The Natural Wonders of Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea

Blog: Borders of Adventure by Becki

Becki is an award-winning writer and traveler who aims to inspire people to travel responsibly and with purpose. She embarked on an adventure in Southern Israel and her resulting post illustrates how the place is a playground for thrill-seekers.

I liked how her post focused on some off-beaten tracks in some parts of the country – away from the most visited spots in Israel. Moreover, she has visited other parts of the country as well so check out her published archive of Israel trips.

What I felt after reading these Israel Trip Reports

I appreciate reading these Israel trip reports from the point of view of a fellow blogger. They’re all pretty awesome, with great descriptions and even better photos. There were a couple of points that kept recurring in the reports which were interesting for me to read as an Israeli.

You see a lot of guns in Israel

Just to clarify: Israel is not a gun-owner-friendly country. Far from it. You need a license to carry a weapon and it’s not easy at all to get one. Civilians need a very very good reason to apply for a gun permit and even then, they’ll make you jump through many hoops to get it (and pay a lot too).

So who are these armed people in the streets? They’re soldiers. All of them. 99% of the time they will be in uniform, so that’s easy to figure out. Sometimes, they are off duty but still have to carry their AR around. So if you’ll see a young person with an M-16 or an Uzi. They’re soldiers, trust me.

You won’t be seeing many armed soldiers in most areas in Israel  by the way. Israel does not use young soldiers for policing the streets – unlike what you might see in Rome or Paris. If you’re seeing armed soldiers on guard duty, it’s probably one of the following –

  1. Soldiers guarding the gate of a military installation.
  2. Border patrol policemen in uniform that look like army uniform. Israelis can tell them apart from soldiers but it might be difficult for an outsider to do.

So, don’t worry about it. If you see people carrying firearms, they’re soldiers and they’re on their way to base or something. Israeli civilians very rarely carry weapons.

Israel is expensive

Several of these Israel trip reports mentioned  that the country was expensive. Someone even wondered how people here managed to get along, considering the salaries in Israel aren’t as high – on average – as in the US, Australia or most European countries. The taxes here are much higher too by the way.

I thought I’d solve the mystery for you 😀 Yes, cost of living is generally high here. No two ways about that. However, it’s more so with items such as restaurants, hotels and attractions. We do have very affordable universal health care and education. So for a family living in Israel, these things balance out, compared to the cost of living in the US, where a meal in a diner is cheaper, but education and health costs more.

I did enjoy reading the Israel trip reports!

Overall, I really enjoyed reading these posts! In case that wasn’t clear already. I even got a few ideas for our own future travel plans here in Israel, so you can definitely say they were inspirational and informative for my needs as well!

Know other good Israel trip reports? Why not let me know about them by leaving a comment?

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