Travel To Save The World: Internova Goes Carbon Neutral

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NEWS - Internova Travel Group has pledged to be carbon neutral by the end of the year. The international travel services company has a presence in over 80 countries. They announced on January 5, 2023, that they would lead by example by offsetting carbon emissions from their employee travels.

To accomplish this, Internova will partner with merchants with sustainable practices and spend their carbon offset credits on projects geared toward reforestation, the protection of blue carbon ecosystems, and energy efficiency.

Internova has over 2,000 employees. They have also begun educating thousands of their partners and affiliates worldwide about sustainable tourism. So, this is a significant boost in efforts to stop global warming and climate change.

Corporate & Leisure Travelers Get A Green Education

For their corporate travel customers, Internova has launched the Climate Positive Program, wherein they will educate their clients about carbon neutrality and sustainability.

The Climate Action Program is for their leisure travel customers. Leisure-goers are encouraged to contribute 1% of their trip cost to partially cover carbon offsetting for their GHG emissions.

Two travelers sitting on a show while watching the scenic view of Achensee, Austria

Internova will also inform their clients about practicing sustainable travel habits and provide updates about the travel industry's sustainability efforts.

As Internova Travel Group's President, Gabe Rizzi, said regarding company beliefs they have, "a special responsibility to become a strong advocate for the environment," for the future generation's sake.

Business mans travel needs all placed on a table

Traveling means going to see beautiful places around the globe, so Internova is doing their best to protect and preserve natural and cultural resources the world over so that our children can still enjoy them at their finest when it's their time to see these wonders.

Internova Leads the Pack Toward Saving the Planet

Internova joins other companies in the travel industry that embarked on the same mission, such as Air BnB, Royal Caribbean, and Marriot Hotels. In their own way, Internova is encouraging people to travel to save the planet.

The earth's temperature is getting warmer each year, and it will take not just one individual but many groups, companies, and nations to stop the disasters that await us should we continue with harmful gas emissions in the air without doing something about it.

The travel industry is in high demand, be it for corporate, leisure, or even luxury travel. This is especially true after people missed being able to visit other places following the previous COVID-19 restrictions.

But now that we've almost put those days behind us, everyone's raring to see more of the world. Along with this is the increased use of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy for different modes of transportation, hotels, and vacation houses.

Carbon dioxide concept design

According to Sustainable Travel International, tourism and travel-related activities account for around 8% of the world's total carbon emissions. That's why initiatives like this from Internova are very much welcome.

They bring us closer to our goal of stabilizing the temperature increase to within 60 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius) above pre-industrial levels. After all, what good is traveling when we can't see the beauty of this planet that we call home?

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