Top 16 Miami Instagrammable Locations

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Miami beckons travelers with its sunny beaches, vibrant culture, and bustling nightlife. Yet, beyond these well-loved attractions lies a treasure trove of "Insta-worthy" locations waiting to be discovered.

From breathtaking views and colorful restaurants to unique streets, Miami offers endless opportunities to fill your Instagram feed with stunning visuals.

Aerial view of a beautiful pool area in a modern luxury building, palm trees, green areas, sun loungers, umbrellas, tropical plants, balconies, covered patio, paths to the beach, hammocks

This guide showcases the top 16 Miami locations guaranteed to elevate your Instagram game.

So, strike a post in front of these top photo shoot locations for jaw-dropping views, vibrant restaurants, and outstanding streets. Everyone will know you've experienced everything Miami has to offer!

1. Cape Florida Lighthouse

You can easily spot the Cape Florida Lighthouse situated on Key Biscayne, where the noted attractions are simply some of the best Florida beaches.

You're permitted inside the lighthouse, and if you sweat it out up all 109 steps in the spiral staircase, a breathtaking view of Miami Beach is your reward. Capture it on Insta! Your fans will love your commitment to fitness for the sake of a view.

Cape Florida Lighthouse and Lantern in Bill Baggs State Park in ,Florida

2. Astra's Rooftop Bar

Astra is a rooftop bar and restaurant located at Wynwood, where you can enjoy the beauty of sunset and city lights while sipping their best cocktail. 

This place is for you if you want a relaxing time with a good ambiance. You can enjoy taking nice photos in Astra as this place possesses a Mediterranean vibe.

You can look as luxurious as Nikki with her friend while enjoying the food, drinks, and view from Astra:


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A post shared by Nikki ☼ Solo Travel + Adventure (@theeverywhereblonde)


3. Biltmore Hotel

Biltmore Hotel is considered a landmark and is undeniably one of the most luxurious hotels in Coral Gables. Put this magnificent, vintage-looking building in your Instagrammable background.

The interior of Biltmore Hotel consists of high-quality materials such as marble. You can never go wrong with taking pictures in every corner of this hotel.

Check out this stunning shot of Jasmine at the Biltmore Hotel:


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A post shared by Jasmine l Fashion & Travel (@jaszzhang)


4. Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Fontainebleau is one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Miami, located on the beachfront. This hotel consists of a pool surrounded by palm trees and struck with bright sunshine.

Fontainebleau Hotel radiates an amazing ambiance where you can freely take Instagram-worthy shots.

Below is an impressive shot of Fontainebleau pool at night captured by Jordi Miro Bruix:


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A post shared by Jordi Miro Bruix (@jordimirobruix)


5. Tower Theatre

Tower Theatre is one of the landmarks and top art-house cinemas in the south of Miami. This theatre radiates old-school vibes that take you back to the 90s.

You can definitely wear an outfit that would match the vintage vibe of this theatre and strike a pose!

Think about how you might coordinate with this scene, captured by Axel Kuschevatzky:


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A post shared by Axel Kuschevatzky (@axelkuschevatzk)


6. Miami Beach Sign in Lummus Park

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant South Beach area, Lummus Park is home to the iconic Miami Beach sign. This colorful and lively backdrop has become a staple for visitors and locals alike, looking to capture the essence of Miami's spirited lifestyle.

With the beach's white sands and crystal-clear waters just steps away, snapping a photo here ensures a quintessential Miami moment. Whether it's day or night, the Miami Beach sign in Lummus Park offers the perfect mix of natural beauty and urban charm for your Instagram feed.

beach resort miami florida park

7. Maurice A. Ferre Park

Maurice A. Ferre is a public park located on Biscayne Boulevard, with 21 acres where you can walk around the place and feel the relaxing ambiance.

Looking sporty, you can pose as chic as Sara with the backdrop of natural palms at Maurice A. Ferre Park:


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A post shared by Sara (@saraemiliam)


8. Vizcaya Museum And Garden

Vizcaya Museum and Garden is one of the historic buildings on South Miami Avenue. It has a stunning, immaculately manicured garden.

The museum's interior is astounding, with a beachfront vantage point.  

The sky's the limit, as you can see in this Instagram-worthy location, one of Jasmine's favorite places in Miami:


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A post shared by Jasmine l Fashion & Travel (@jaszzhang)


9. Colony Hotel

You can visit the Colony Hotel along Ocean Drive. The signage lights up in blue and bright colors at night, giving a retro vibe.

Imagine yourself bathed in blue like Dolores at Colony Hotel:


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A post shared by ᴅᴏʟᴏʀᴇs ♡ (@imdolores)


10. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive, a dazzling stretch in Miami Beach's South Beach neighborhood, is synonymous with Miami's iconic Art Deco style. This historic district is a technicolor dreamscape, boasting vibrant buildings that capture the imagination and spirit of the Roaring '20s and '30s.

As you stroll along this scenic drive, each building tells a story through its unique pastel hues, neon lights, and geometric motifs. It's a photographer's paradise, especially at golden hour when the setting sun casts a magical glow over the facades.

Ocean Drive is not just a testament to Miami's architectural heritage; it's a living, breathing canvas that invites visitors to step back in time while enjoying the pulsating energy of modern-day Miami.

Art Deco style architecture in Miami Beach, South Beach, Ocean drive

11. Burr's Berry Farm

Burr's Berry Farm is located in the south of Miami. Visit during sunflower season, from September to May, and you can focus your lens on towering vibrant blooms. 

A stunning backdrop, as Joella Doobrow shows us, are these sunny flowery fields at Burr's Berry Farm:


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A post shared by Joella Doobrow (@rovingjo)


12. Wynwood Walls

If you are looking for street art, the Wynwood walls are for you! These brilliant pieces portray social statements and experiences.

Take your stand as Romila Rout did at Wynwood Walls:


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A post shared by Romila Rout (@romila_rout)


13. Domino Sculpture

You won't want to miss this giant domino display when visiting Miami. This sculpture is located at Albert Pallot Park.

It's all a balancing act for Alexandra Bull, but you can take note of a few of her poses for a dynamic photo with the Domino Sculpture:


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A post shared by Alexandra Bull (@alexandrabull__)


14. Fendi Colonnade

This spot is one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Miami. The vibrant columns will accentuate any outfit you model for your photo shoot. You can find this enchanting spot in Miami Design District.

Look remarkable, like Annette at Fendi Colonnade:


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A post shared by Annette la (mamma) Vagabionda (@vagablonde.mom)


15. Newport Fishing Pier

Getting the best shots has always been easy at Newport Fishing Pier. You can pose at the center of the aisle with the blue and clear beach on your background and an aisle that looks infinite.

The wind in this open space will undoubtedly make your shot a lot more natural. The pier is located on Sunny Isles Beach.

Take a look at this amazing image of Newport Fishing Pier done by Lee Smith; now imagine yourself there, hair blowing in the breeze:


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A post shared by Lee Smith (@leesmithphotos2017)


16. Venetian Bridge

Posing along the Venetian Bridge is definitely an Instagram-worthy location. The best time to take a photo in this place is during sunset.

Here's an incredible shot from @beyondsouthbeach:


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A post shared by Beyond South Beach (@beyondsouthbeach)


Did you capture a great image or gorgeous post in Miami? Tell us about it and share your Insta-worthy moment. 

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