Explore The Real Hotel Behind HBO’s White Lotus Season Two

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NEWS - Since season two of The White Lotus just dropped on HBO/streaming, it's only our duty as journalists to answer the real pressing questions of the series.

Everyone (and we mean everyone) wants to stay at the Italian resort featured in this season of The White Lotus. The breathtaking views, scandalous piano player, iconic general manager, and taste of Italian culture and scenery have us wanting to book our trip!

Season Two White Lotus Actual Location

Well, you can stay at this stunning resort, the San Domenico Palace hotel. And for those of you already enlightened by season one's location, know that season two is also filmed at a Four Seasons property.

The San Domenico Palace hotel is located on the island of Sicily. (Taormina, to be exact)

It features the same stunning decor, views, and hopefully drama as seen in the White Lotus. An interesting fact about this property is that it's built on the grounds of a 14th-century former monastery.

This real-life hotel is a five-star resort operated by the upscale Four Seasons, although the branding is not obvious. You'll experience Four Seasons' quality treatment and experience.

Luxury San Domenico Palace Hotel with panoramic view on snow capped Mount Etna volcano on sunny day from public garden Parco Duca di Cesaro to Giardini Naxos in Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Interestingly, both hotels featured in The White Lotus have been Four Seasons properties. Director Mike White of the White Lotus must enjoy staying within this hotel brand.

This stunning cliffside hotel is one of the Four Seasons' featured properties, now becoming a must-visit for The White Lotus watchers.

One of the best parts of tuning into a series like The White Lotus is that you can connect to the hotel's location, atmosphere, and history.

Yes, the "White Lotus" isn't technically real, but the hotels showcased in seasons one and two are authentic and available for booking.

The Historical San Domenico Palace Hotel

Dating back to 1203, the grounds of the San Domenico Palace have a rich, mysterious history. This once-holy land was home to a convent founded by the Dominican religious order by Saint Dominic.

Italian cities have always been closely tied to religious architecture, so it's not surprising that this now five-star hotel was once a place of solitude and prayer.

Imagine telling everyone about this series and the hotel back then...awkward.

Luxury San Domenico Palace Hotel with panoramic view on snow capped Mount Etna volcano at sunrise

Until the late 1800s, Taormina wasn't a vacation spot for wealthy travelers, so this location sat peacefully overlooking the seaside. The San Domenico Palace hadn't even seen its first guest.

The San Domenico Palace started to gain popularity when the owners (Cerami family) rented the complex to a hotel management company called SGAS. Now, we're talking travelers of the 1900s writing home about their elegant experiences! 

Many famous guests stayed here, including King Edward VII of England, the second Baron Rothschild, Oscar Wilde, and DH Lawrence.

We'd also like to paint the visual of Jennifer Coolidge (Tanya McQuoid) in a room with these historical figures. Can somebody say TV-worthy?

It's also worth noting that the original San Domenico Palace was used as a German army headquarters, eventually being bombed in 1943. The hotel was rebuilt and opened its doors again around 1946. 

Elegant, Extravagant Guest Rooms & Suites Are... (You Guessed It) Expensive! 

Now that you know the White Lotus is a real place in Italy, does it cost an arm and a leg to stay here?

Well, at the time of this writing, this entire property is closed for the season, and scheduled to reopen on March 14, 2023. We looked into rates for March, and the pricing is what we'd expect for a Four Seasons Italian property.

Here are some of the featured rooms and their rates on the hotel's website:

  • Sea-View Executive Suite - $2,538 per night
  • Etna Suite - $3,353 per night
  • Teatro Suite - $5,343 per night
  • Princess Cecilie Suite - $6,044 per night
  • San Domenico Suite - Call for rate (+39-0942-613111)
  • Royal Suite - Call for rate (+39-0942-613111)

So, if these prices don't scare you and you want to live it up in White Lotus style, let us know below in the comments! What are your predictions for next season?

Is Tanya still alive somehow?

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