Hilarious Five-Star Dinner Cruise Serves Chicken Nuggets to Passengers and Goes Viral!

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NEWS - It was definitely a memorable dining experience for everybody!

Booking a meal on a five-star dinner cruise is something worth looking forward to, for many obvious reasons. It's not just something you'd do on a normal Tuesday night, but rather something in the likes of a special event.

For many people, a 5-star dinner cruise is a special occasion. A short trip in the water, with the certain 5-star vibe you can only get at... five-star dinner cruises. And of course, the (given) exceptional meal you are sure to enjoy.

But one group was served a rather unusual dinner inclusion that got them deliberating whether the 5-star rating was maybe out of a higher scale meter.

A Dinner To Remember

In a viral video that has garnered over a whopping 23 million views on the video-sharing site TikTok as of writing, a group of people can be seen sitting awkwardly stifling their amusement inside a blue-lit room while a server tosses a single chicken nugget into their 5-star dinner plates.

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To some of the commentators on the video, the viral video even looks like a scene straight out of a comedy sketch, with one guy in the background audibly exclaiming his excitement for the treat, saying "Ooh, chicken nuggets!"

One person in the comment section even points out the eccentricity of the whole scenario, pointing out that the waiter was also somewhat hilarious.

"The way he's just throwing them on the plates too 😂" one commenter said, pointing out the server who was walking around the room and tossing the singular nugget to the plates of the diners using a kitchen tong.

"The server throwing it 😂" another commenter said, to which the owner of the video replied: "It really was wild." And indeed, it really does.

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Chicken Nuggets For The Soul

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the dinner did not disappoint. The owner of the viral video, @allisonkuhn3, posted a follow-up TikTok video for the people who really wanted to know what else happened during the cruise.

She revealed that before the whole chicken-nugget fiasco, they arrived at the designated time that was given to them, only to realize that the schedule turned out to be a whole hour before the next guests should be arriving.

During the wait, a photographer came in while people were entering the dining area and took individual headshots of the passengers. Their individual portraits were taken in the dark, cooly-lit room.

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However, that was not the most amusing part of the dinner, as while they were laughing about the chicken nuggets that were served to them, a woman approaches them and distributes the individual headshots that were taken, printed, and placed inside a shiny silver frame.

The user @allisonkuhn3 claims that although the appetizer was questionable, everybody on board the cruise was so nice and that she truly enjoyed the dinner cruise, even claiming that she has never laughed so much in her life, and would go on the cruise again.

So as for the dinner cruise's high trip advisor rating, the 5-star definitely tracks.

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