The 16 Grand Tetons Photos That I Love the Most


Looking for images for a different project that I’m working on, I browsed my 2011 folders and ended up looking at the one from July 2011. That was when we made our first visit to the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. Grand Tetons photos galore!

Grand Tetons Photos

Wow, was I really the lucky person who was there, taking these incredible pictures? That’s not me taking credit for my skills as a photographer. In fact, I’m not a good photographer. Which goes to show you just how incredibly stunning the Grand Tetons truly are!

So, I thought I’d share a few of these photos today in the hope you’d join me in another photographic stroll down memory lane.

Grand Tetons Photos

2011 was a year of heavy snowfall. In early July the Grand Teton ridge was covered in snow while the lakes were surrounded by fresh green shrubbery and beautiful flowers!

Grand Tetons National Park Flowers

These pictures were taken during our four-day stay in the Jackson Lake cabins. We braved the huge mosquitoes and hiked everyday!

Hiking Grand Tetons National Park

It was all just too majestic to behold. No way would we let bugs keep us away from these sights. They were huge and annoying but I don’t think any of us actually got bit. Grand Tetons in the summer of 2011

As you can see, there was a lot of water everywhere. The Jackson hole plane had been flooded by the Snake river not long before our arrival, so seasonal lakes were all around us.Grand Tetons National Park

Fortunately, there was no lack of dry trails too. These were lush, green and adorned with colorful flowers.Grand Tetons National Park

wildflowers at Grand Tetons National Park

We hiked around Lake Jenny and around Jackson lake too. The lakes were amazing, reflecting the clear blue sky and framed by the snowcapped mountains and the greenery.Grand Tetons National Park

You can’t blame locals and tourists for constantly going on the lake. With these views and the perfect weather, it was literally irresistible.Boats at Grand Tetons National Park

Jackson Lake kayaking Grand Tetons National Park

So much so that DH rented a kayak and went on the lake as well. He had a fabulous time. The water was crystal clear and really, you can’t ask for better views when rowing, can you?Grand Tetons National Park kayaking

This is one of my favorite pictures of the trip! It’s my eldest, Ron, who was 11 at the time. I hadn’t meant for him to show up only as a dark silhouette but later on fell in love with the iconic sense of the picture. An iconic junior ranger (you can see the badges on his hat!) with the Grand Tetons in the background! I think it’s one of our best Grand Tetons photos!Grand Tetons National Park

Not that I was short on pictures to choose from! The scenes were amazing wherever we hiked. Wherever we turned our heads, really! Grand Tetons National Park

Quite a few lakes had fields of water lilies covering them and some were even in bloom. It was such an incredible sight!water lilies at Grand Tetons National Park

I could go on forever but there’s only so many pictures that should be in a single post, so I’ll wrap up the Grand Tetons photos round with my personal favorite: My two sons and their Dad on one of our hikes around Jackson Lake.Grand Tetons National Park

Not only were we fortunate enough to visit the Grand Tetons in all their glory that year, we actually got even luckier: We visited the park again two years later! I’ll share photos of that trip in a separate post, when I get the itch to go down memory lane again.

Thanks for joining me! I’d love to hear from you! Have you ever visited Grand Tetons National Park? What were your favorite places? If not, are you planning to? If you have any questions about the park, just let me know. I’ve researched it fairly thoroughly in preparation for our two trips there and would be happy to answer as best I can!



  1. I love your advice and photos here! Two years ago, I took myself on the best trip of my life. I had 2 weeks to go from Kansas City to Montana and back. I planned out the whole trip ahead of time: Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and back home. I had to zip through and once had to switch hotels due to no air conditioning. Went into Glacier National Park on the Sun Road but due to snow couldn’t go to the top. Still, every place was fantastic! I learned a lot and saw places I wanted to see more of. That trip was in mid June. This year I plan to explore Wyoming for 3 weeks starting in Laramie and going counterclockwise through the state and back. I want to drive scenic byways and rockhound. I know the dangers of hiking alone and hope to find some group tours. Any and all suggestions will be helpful. I have requested maps from the BLM so I won’t go on private property.


    1. Hi Deena, I’m so glad you enjoyed Glacier! It’s our favorite park! I think you’re going to have an awesome trip in Wyoming too. It’s one of my favorite states, vast, empty and beautiful. I would actually try to find local hiking groups for each area you’re going to stop in, by Googling or searching Facebook. Maybe even join and look there (they have a lot of forums and groups). Good luck!


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