Ghostly Getaways: Uncover The Most Haunted Places in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Charlotte is home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the iconic Charlotte Motor Speedway, helping to draw in millions of visitors to the scores of racing events hosted each year.

But Charlotte has more to offer than just racing. A flourishing arts district, top-notch museums, and loads of family-friendly attractions make for a great vacation. 

The Queen City is also home to many of the most haunted locations in North Carolina.

From the ghosts of fallen Civil War soldiers to a friendly specter that inhabits an ancient theater, Charlotte is a destination for ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. For those daring enough to pay a visit to the following places, a ghostly sighting could be a spooky possibility.

Ghostly Getaways: Uncover The Most Haunted Places in Charlotte, North Carolina

Queens University

This private college has had many of its students and visitors report chilling tales of apparitions believed to be related to a Civil War battle. Numerous folks claimed to have seen spectral images of dead soldiers laying on the ground, surrounding a tree with a body swaying lifelessly from one of its stout branches.

The halls of one of the dormitories are said to be haunted by the spirit of a lovelorn young woman who took her life in the late 19th century. She had fallen in love with another woman and her family disapproved of their relationship. Not able to be with her lover, she slit her wrists.

It's said that her ghost can be seen floating down the halls, crying and looking for her long, lost companion. 

Founders Hall 

What is now a popular and bustling shopping center and corporate event space was at one time a medical school. At one time, medical schools sometimes resorted to drastic efforts to get cadavers for their students to study. This would often involve robbing fresh graves and bribing morgue attendants. 

One particular ghost that is rumored to haunt Founders Hall was a woman whose body was stolen from a local cemetery. Her spirit was angered by this intrusion, and students began to hear her screams of rage along the corridors. An unlucky few reported seeing her figure walking down one hallway, her face twisted in rage.

The woman, who some refer to as Louise, is still spotted from time to time at Founders Hall.

A view inside the historic Founders' Hall food hall and visitor information centre.

McAlpine Creek Park

The trails that meander through this popular park offer some of the most beautiful views you'll find in Charlotte. But your stroll in this serene part of nature might be interrupted by one of the many spirits said to haunt the park.

According to local legend, a skeleton was found next to an old mill that one of the trails passes by. The unidentified body has a restless spirit attached to it. People who hike near the mill have reported cold spots, strange noises, and the sensation of being watched or followed.

On other trails, hikers have said they've heard ghostly footfalls on the path behind them. When they turn around, no one is there. 

taken at golden hour at Mcalpine Greenway in Charlotte North Carolina

Latta Place 

Twenty-five minutes to the north of Charlotte is the historic Latta Plantation, a living history farm that welcomes visitors year-round. You'll see what this working farm was like in 1810 when the original owner, James Latta, operated it. Some believe that James never left.

Visitors and staff have long reported seeing who they believe is James, wandering from room to room. The ghostly laughter of children can also be heard behind the walls and beneath the porches. Do these giggles belong to other members of the Latta family?

Some have also claimed that they've seen shadowy figures go in and out of the many rooms in the main house. Everyone insists that it's a friendly haunting, and their appearance might just be their way of welcoming you to their family home!

Carolina Theater

For years, this historic building hosted the idols of yesteryear before being shuttered up and left to decay. It opened in 1927, at the peak of Vaudeville's popularity, and was converted into a movie house. But the stage was still used, its floors graced by greats like Bob Hope and even Elvis Presley. 

Thankfully, efforts are underway to complete this historic structure's renovation. It's slated to be reopened to the public as a working venue. And when its doors open once again, many are wondering if its resident ghost will continue to make appearances.

No one knows who haunts the theater. But he has been seen on numerous occasions by throngs of theatergoers and workers over the years. He has often been spotted in the seats during and after performances, his face a ghostly white.

The ghost was long ago dubbed "Fred" by former staff members. Any time a door would bang shut or lights would flicker, Fred was thought to be the culprit. It became customary for staff to bid their ghostly companion a farewell at the end of each shift before they left and locked up for the night.

Abstract white masks on wooden background

Chilled to the bones yet? If you're in Charlotte and feel brave, pay a visit to one of these most haunted locations on our list. And if you're a traveler, be sure to check out these ghostly hotspots in other cities.

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