Ghostly Getaways – The Most Haunted Places in Richmond, Virginia

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Hold onto your hats, ghost hunters!

If you're looking for a spine-tingling adventure, look no further than Richmond, the mid-Atlantic city with a chilling history. While this Virginia town is known for its Civil War Museum and bustling arts district, it's also home to a plethora of haunted hotspots.

From eerie old homes to creepy cemeteries, visitors to Richmond come from far and wide to experience the city's paranormal activity. Are you brave enough to join them? Here are our top picks for places to visit if you want to up your chances of encountering some otherworldly entities.

The Haunted Church Hill Tunnel

Stretching for 4,000 feet below the Church Hill neighborhood lies the remnants of a failed train tunnel that is shrouded in tragedy. While the tunnel was being repaired in 1925, a cave-in took the lives of four workers. They were not the only casualties, however.

A total of 10 lives were lost in the tunnel, all due to various cave-ins. When the city was not able to ensure the safety of the trains that would pass through it, they decided to seal the tunnel off in 1926.

The ghosts of the men who were killed in the tunnel are said to still inhabit their sealed tombs. Their cries can be heard through the rock that serves as a barrier between them and the outside world.

Church Hill Tunnel Entrance - Richmond, VA

Cold Harbor Battlefield

Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, so of course, there's going to be a TON of Civil War history there. Aside from the Civil War Museum, one of the largest draws for war buffs is the Cold Harbor Battlefield site. Some visitors here get a little more than they bargained for.

This site, now designated as a park, was the location of one of General Lee's last victories over the North. The spirits of dead Union and Confederate soldiers have been seen in the park at all hours of the day and night. Paranormal experts will say that Cold Harbor is the most haunted battlefield in the U.S., aside from Gettysburg.

Tuckahoe Plantation

The sprawling grounds of the old Tuckahoe Plantation are where Thomas Jefferson spent part of his childhood. At nearly 300 years old, the property and its buildings have quite a storied history. And they've been host to several spirit sightings over the years.

The most seen ghost is that of a jilted bride. She wanders broken-hearted on the various walkways on the property. Her cries can be heard on some nights.

Barn at Tuckahoe Plantation, VA

Waverly House

This old home in Richmond is reputed as haunted by numerous ghosts from different eras. The ghost that is most often seen has been identified as a former owner, Benjamin Green. Green was falsely accused of stealing money from the bank he worked at. Though exonerated, his ego and reputation were permanently damaged.

Green moved away in shame. But after he died, his ghost was seen in the home that he loved so much. Green's ghost isn't the only one spotted by visitors, though.

Waverly House was used as a hospital during the Civil War. The spirits of many of the soldiers who died there are said to roam the halls of the old house, perhaps waiting to be discharged.

Waverly House in Richmond Virginia


Since 2003, Julep's has been a favorite spot for getting delicious new southern cuisine. Tourists and locals alike flock there in droves, noshing on the best fried green tomatoes, shrimp, and grits in the region. But this popular restaurant has more in store for guests than just great food and craft cocktails.

In the 1820s, this building was occupied by a gunsmith. According to the story, the shop owner, James McNaught, shot his assistant, a young man named Daniel Denoon. The murder happened in one of the stairwells leading up to the second floor.

Since Julep's opened, that particular stairwell has been closed off and converted into a storage space for the restaurant. But employees have heard the ghost of Denoon on multiple occasions, continuing to haunt the spot of his death.

Near Juleps restaurant which is a hospital in world war

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Though Poe didn't live in this house, he was reported to live nearby when he was a young man. But that doesn't stop the long-deceased author from making ghostly appearances there. The museum has many of his old possessions on display, and perhaps he pops in to see that they are being cared for.

Poe's spirit isn't the most sighted ghost, however. Two small spectral children have been seen by multiple people over the years. The ghost kids are spotted playing in the yard of the property and have even shown up in tourist photographs.

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum, which focuses on Poe's time living in Richmond

Chilling enough for you? For those who'd like to have a ghost of a time, pay a visit to these most haunted spots the next time you are in Richmond. If you dare.

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