German Doner Kebab – A New York City Debut

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NEWS – Global doner kebab chain German Doner Kebab opened its first New York City location in Astoria, Queens on February 6, 2023. Customers can travel to the restaurant's site to sample its different offerings of lean yet juicy meat creations draped in signature sauces and covered in handcrafted bread.

german doener kebap on wood

The Global German Doner Kebab Phenomenon

Hero Brands, a Glasgow, Scotland-based business development company, owns the German Doner Kebab brand with a majority share. The restaurant started its operations in 1989 in Berlin, Germany.

Today, the chain operates in different countries, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom, and different states in the US. The food joint’s spread began with Gulf Franchise Group’s Director of Franchise Investment Farshad Abbaszadeh as he opened the food establishment in Dubai in 2013.

Next, the restaurant opened its first UK location in 2015. It was only two years since that establishment started serving customers that it spread across five other countries. At the time of writing, German Doner Kebab now has about 140 locations worldwide.

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German Doner Kebab Says “Hello and Welcome” To New York Tourists And Locals

Nigel Belton, the Managing Director for the North American German Doner Kebab chain, said the following in a press release:

"The USA is a huge market for German Doner Kebab. We are excited to be announcing our second site with many more to come, as we embark on a nationwide journey of growth throughout the next decade."

Before the Astoria location, customers can find another German Doner Kebab establishment in the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. Belton also said that his associating company has plans of expanding to other markets in 2023 and beyond.

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Savory Kebabs And Other Food Options

German Doner Kebab customers can now choose and sink their teeth into a wide variety of food options offered by the restaurant. Some examples are:

  • The Original German Doner Kebab
  • Kcal Kebab
  • Veggie Kebab
  • Doner Quesadilla
  • Doner Durum Wrap
  • Doner Burger
  • Doner Spring Rolls

Set meals are also available for purchase. For instance, the Boss Box comes with a Kebab serving, fries, spring rolls, sauces, and a soda bottle.

Positive Feedback From Global Customers

@morgan.bold Come with me to German Doner Kebab! This 2 for 1 deal is an absolute game changer. Size of those portions too😅👏🏼 #manchesterfood #germandonerkebab #gdk #foodreview ♬ original sound - Morgan💗✨

German Doner Kebab’s reputation reached New York shores, allowing the restaurant to serve smiles in Kebabs and German-inspired dishes to tourists and locals alike. The food establishment amassed positive reviews from different customers since its conception.

In particular, the TikTok user that posted the video above showed her gratification for the restaurant. She said in the clip that the doner kebab prepared for her was “so fresh” and it wasn’t greasy. The user followed up her comment by saying that other interested customers should also try out the restaurant’s quesadillas.

TikTok isn’t the only place to find positive German Doner Kebab reviews. For instance, one Tripadvisor reviewer said the following about one of the restaurant’s locations in the UK:

“Very clean and staff are very friendly. I had the beef kebab on waffle bread it was the best kebab I've had. It was quite busy early afternoon considering most people are at work so I would think it's really busy night time but I would definitely recommend a visit.”

German Doner Kebab plans to establish additional locations in North America in 2023. Its parent company aims to expand to Texas by the end of the first quarter of the year.

About German Doner Kebab: German Doner Kebab began in 1989 and has since become a popular foodie destination in Berlin, Germany. It has now spread its offerings to different global locations, including the Middle East and North America. Individuals can use the restaurant’s Contact Us page for concerns and inquiries.

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