Antarctica’s Drake Passage Goes Viral: Adventure-Seekers Brave ‘Drake Shake’ and ‘Drake Lake

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NEWS - Eugene O'Neill once said, "The sea hates a coward." This rings especially true for those embarking on a journey across the treacherous Drake Passage.

If you're planning a trip to Antarctica, brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure! As your vessel navigates through the treacherous Drake Passage, you'll feel the sea's unrelenting power and fierce determination. Known as the "Gateway to Antarctica," this infamous stretch of water between South America and the Antarctic will push you to your limits and test your courage.

But don't let the rough seas deter you from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Instead, embrace the thrill of adventure and join the ranks of brave travelers who have dared to cross the Drake Passage. With its unpredictable weather conditions and breathtaking scenery, the Drake Passage is an exciting challenge that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Viral Sensation: The Antarctic Takes The Internet By Storm As Expedition Passengers Hold Fast For A Breathtaking Sail

Travel is back in full swing, and the adventure-seekers are heading to experience the wild beauty of Antarctica.

The Drake Passage is making waves on TikTok. As travelers share their experiences on the social media platform, the terms "Drake Shake" and "Drake Lake" have become viral sensations.

Travel blog, The World Pursuit, helmed by the adventurous duo Natasha and Cam, posted a video while crossing the Drake Passage on TikTok that's taking the internet by storm. The video has garnered over 16M views on the platform for fellow travelers and dreamers who want to experience the antarctic world.

@theworldpursuit A super relaxed journey to Antarctica #antarctica #drakepassage ♬ My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) - Maliheh Saeedi & Faraz Taali

Follow-up posts on the blog reveal that the reward for crossing this daring passage is an experience like no other. From breathtaking views to unforgettable wildlife sightings, it's clear that the journey to the Antarctic is well worth it.

Sometimes, the destination is truly worth the adventure!

Small penguins jumping and sliding on the side of the ice

The Origin Of 'Drake Shake And Drake Lake' Navigating The Passage's Fickle Waters

The treacherous 600-mile expanse stretches from the southern tip of South America to Antarctica's South Shetland Islands. This infamous patch of ocean is renowned for its wild and tumultuous waters, unpredictable weather patterns, and fearsome storms that will put even the bravest, most experienced sailors to the test.

Huge waves crashing on the sides of the ship

Amidst its notorious reputation for tumultuous waters, the Drake Passage holds a rare and captivating secret - moments of calm. During these tranquil moments, the winds settle, and the waves gently caress the ship: peace and serenity.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed calm season throughout the year. 

When crossing the Drake Passage, one thing is for sure - unpredictability! Will you face the tumultuous Drake Shake, or will you glide through the tranquil Drake Lake?

This video uploaded by emmyxwen demonstrates their experience with the Drake Shake while dining on a ship.

@emmyxwen Traveling to Antartica was wild 😵‍💫 #drakepassage #antartica ♬ original sound - emmyxwen

The unknown adds an element of excitement to the experience, making every moment a thrilling adventure!

Sailors braving the Drake Passage have coined the terms "Drake Lake" and "Drake Shake." These phrases embody the wild and ever-changing nature of the Passage.

The Science Behind The Drake Passage's Rugged Waves

The Drake Passage is where three powerful seas meet - the Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern Oceans. The absence of land masses in the Drake Passage means that the ocean currents are free to flow and collide with tremendous force. 

The result is a display of raw power with towering waves. Add a bit of wind, and hold on tight for a careening surf! 

The famous Drake passage crossed by Sir Francis Drake

Did You Know? Sir Francis Drake Never Sailed The Drake

The Drake Passage is the quickest route from Antarctica to the rest of the world, but did you know that Sir Francis Drake himself took the longer, safer way through the Strait of Magellan?

Despite this, one of his ships did sail close to its location, unwittingly uncovering a crucial connection between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In 1578, this discovery confirmed the existence of an open water route between the Atlantic and Pacific. Thus, the Drake Passage was named in his honor.

Sir Francis Drake was an English explorer, sea captain, slave trader, privateer, naval officer, and politician.

The Drake Passage saw its first successful voyage in 1616 when the Eendracht navigated the treacherous waters under the leadership of Dutch captain Willem Schouten.

Alternative Methods

Traveling to Antarctica involves crossing the Drake Passage unless you choose to fly there. Fortunately, despite the potential for rough waters, modern ships are designed to handle these conditions and ensure a safe journey.

A huge ship on an Antartic expedition cruising close to the ice

Journey to the Ends of the Earth: Experience Antarctica on a Drake Passage Expedition Cruise

Ready to cross the notorious Drake Passage? Keep in mind that the destination is worth the journey!

Here are some cruise ships that cross the Drake Passage to Antarctica:

  1. Ocean Nova Air Cruises - Suitable for those looking to stick to a budget during their travels, these 10-day vacation packages departing from Ushuaia, Argentina, offer an affordable option for a cruise experience.
  2. Greg Mortimer Expedition - A thrilling 12-day adventure that promises non-stop excitement. Departing from Ushuaia, this experience is packed with action.
  3. MS Seaventure - A 13-day journey that guarantees breathtaking views of Antarctic wildlife and majestic icebergs. Departs from Ushuaia. 
  4. World Explorer - This 14-day adventure departs from and returns to Ushuaia. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Antarctic plus a bonus trip around the Antarctic Circle.
  5. Ultramarine - A 23-day expedition starting in the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), known for penguin spotting, then to South Georgia, and finally to the Antarctic Peninsula. Explore the Antarctic peninsula and conclude the journey by crossing the Antarctic Circle.  

Mentally prepare yourself for the journey ahead, and yes, stock up on the Dramamine! With the right mindset and preparation, you'll be ready to take on the Drake!

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