Adventure Awaits: The Expedition Cruises Everyone is Talking About

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NEWS - Listen up, globetrotters! If you're thinking about your next destination and how to get there, here's a thought. How about going to Antarctica via an expedition cruise?

We know that's been on your bucket list forever and it's time to cross it off. You've had enough of the usual tourist spots around the world, so prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Group of Gentoo Penguins (Pygoscelis Papua), Expedition cruise ship and Antarctic landscape background, sunrise time

Expedition cruising is the latest travel trend. You'll board a smaller ship with fewer crew and passengers for a more intimate encounter with nature. The ship's compact design allows easy access to the remotest areas in the world.

But we'll be frank with you, it costs a lot: $4,000 to $12,000 per person depending on the cruise line, destination, and package.

We've Got 5 Amazing Reasons To Book Your Expedition Cruise

So, if you're nearly ready to set sail but still on the fence about booking that cruise, here are five reasons we can convince you to go ahead with it.

1. Bragging Rights

You probably have already traveled far and wide and you think you've seen everything. Well, almost everything. An expedition cruise will take you to remote places on this planet that only a few people have been to.

We're talking about the likes of enchanting Galapagos Islands and stunning Antarctica. Who among your circle has ever been there? They might have seen them on National Geographic but definitely not in real life. So, that in itself already gives you bragging rights.

2. New Experience

More than boasting, you get to gift yourself the opportunity to finally see and experience something new again. When was the last time you felt the excitement running through your veins while traveling?

Those who have traveled to many parts of the world may find traditional cruises predictable and even boring. Nothing excites their senses anymore since those cruises offer the same activities - an eat-all-you-can buffet, casino, onboard entertainment, shopping, and guided excursions.

Expedition cruises are exotic! You never know what you're going to see or do once you get there. You can fish for your supper, eat dinner with native Alaskans right in their homes, hike in the Amazon rainforest, or ride a Zodiac in Brazil to get close to the majestic waterfalls.

3. Become A Bolder You

It's 2023 and it's time to welcome a bolder version of you! Expedition cruises can be quite unpredictable. You pass through open seas, giant waves, and narrow fjords to get to your destination. As we say, it's not for the faint-hearted.

Bergen Mostraumen fjord cruise in winter frozen cold snow Norway Osterfjord

And when you get there, don't expect red-carpet treatment. These remote places don't come with the glamor of big cities. It takes some level of physical activity to really immerse yourself in nature.

Be prepared for some serious hiking, trekking, mountain biking, swimming, or scuba diving as you explore the unspoiled wonders of nature and encounter wildlife you've never seen before! You're on the off-the-beaten-track, what can you expect?

Some even require you to wear a survival suit so you can just imagine the risk factor involved. Are you ready for some alpine heli-trekking or ice-sheet heli-landings in Antarctica? These cruise ships have it all for you!

4. Discover & Learn

You will come home after an expedition cruise with a profound understanding, appreciation, and celebration of the beauty and diversity of this planet that we call home. This is the fruit of close encounters with the purest form of nature.

During the trip, you get to learn from experts, expedition leaders, and locals. You can observe what's happening inside science and research labs that study animal behavior, climate change, and other natural wonders of the world.

You aren't just traveling for pleasure. In the end, your intellectual and cultural curiosity is more than satisfied.

5. Luxury Travel

When you want to explore faraway lands, you don't expect to find first-class hotel accommodations there. There won't even be electricity and Wi-Fi most of the time.

But don't worry. With expedition cruises, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can immerse yourself in nature but you don't have to rough it all the way.

When your outdoor adventure is over, you can go back to your luxury suite and enjoy the comforts of heated indoor pools and fine dining. If you don't feel like going out, you can watch the outdoor footage from a large screen while sipping champagne in the lounge.

You can also get on a submarine to see the haunting shipwrecks and beauty under the sea, no need for scuba diving.

Expedition travel cruising may very well be the latest travel trend but it is not for everybody. It targets wealthy and well-traveled individuals. But most importantly, it's for the bold and those who dare go the distance (literally and figuratively).

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