TikTokers Rave About North Miami’s Pesto Provolone Burger, Calling It The Best They’ve Ever Had

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Pub sandwich with meat burger, basil pesto, provolone del monaco, buffalo mozzarella and fried potatoes

NEWS - A burger chain in Miami offers a taste of heaven straight off their menu.

It might not be the first combination you'll come up with when thinking about burgers, but make no mistake, pesto and burgers totally go together!

Located at Biscayne Boulevard is a restaurant bar that sells coffee, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and a wide array of burgers you can choose from.

A lot of items on their menu are labeled as popular among the customers, but one burger was such a delightful experience that hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world expressed a resounding: "I want that!"

A Match Made In North Miami

@josiaheats 📍La Birra Bar (North Miami Beach, FL) #burger @josiaheats ♬ original sound - Josiah Eats

The restaurant's website says so on their page: "World's Best Burgers."

While we do not have actual evidence to back that up, thousands of comments from the viral video all seem to have positive feedback about the burger, and the resto-bar itself.

"I went there when I visited Florida, it's amazing!" commented one TikTok user who garnered almost a hundred likes on his comment.

"Told ya!!!!!!!! They won [the] burger bash by the way!" another one commented. Burger Bash is a competition held by The South Beach Wine & Food Festival every February in Miami.

If you're still not convinced by the raving reviews, then maybe the Miami News Times declaring La Birra Bar as a restaurant with the Best Burger in 2022 might bring you around. It might be impossible to reach burger perfection, but La Birra certainly offers a great alternative!

Burgers Worth The Hype

Pub sandwich with meat burger, basil pesto, provolone del monaco, buffalo mozzarella and fried potatoes.

You might be wondering about the reason behind the popularity. Pesto provolone burgers are commonly served with balsamic sauce, but La Birra's version goes hard on the pesto and cheese without the common third fixture.

This bold choice means the flavors are all perfectly balanced, resulting in a mouth-watering burger worth thousands and thousands of likes.

It's not just the taste, though, as the owners of the restaurant uphold their high standards, and their fans respect them for that. They make most of their own ingredients in-house, including their own pesto sauce, patties, and buns.

These craft burgers are also cooked and prepared every day, so you can trust that they will taste just as fresh as they are delicious.

Burger On The Beach

@iviethefoodie I tried this AWARD WINNING 🥇burger from @labirrabar.usa and let me tell you, it lives up to the hype 🤩! They’re located in North Miami and they have an extensive menu full of burgers, hotdogs, beer, and more! • Here’s what I tried: •🍔 Golden Burger: Two 4 oz beef patties, American cheese, diced red onion and secret mayo. Won best burger with @miaminewtimes and #BurgerBash 🏆 •🍔 WTF Burger: Two 4oz beef patties with a roasted blend of onion, tomato, and bell pepper with provolone, bacon, crispy onion, and secret mayo. •🍨 @dragungelato Cookies and Cream Gelato • 📍14831 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach • • #foodiesofmiami #burgersinmiami #iviethefoodie #burgermiami ♬ CARE 4 ME NEVER DULL - Never Dull

La Birra Bar's menu does not end with their pesto provolone burgers. Apart from the coffee, sweets, and burger meals, they also sell beer, hot dog sandwiches, and different special sauces you can add on the side.

The bar also offers both dine-in and an outdoor seating option, so if you ever find yourself craving an award-winning burger, you can choose whether to sit inside and smell the beef cooking or stay outside and enjoy the beach view.

Either way, you'll be enjoying good food!

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