Acrobatic Gold Medalists Do This For A Living – And It’s Delicious

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Nona's Slice House Takes Pizza-Making to New Heights, Sets Gold-Medal Standard

NEWS - Nona's Slice House has done it again! The world-renowned pizzeria and its team of pizza acrobats have taken pizza-making to new heights, setting the gold standard for the industry.

The Best Slice of Pizza Pie, Worldwide

Top view photo of a smaller round pizza and a person taking a slice

You can find internationally renowned pizza just 'round the corner at 997 Main Street Safety Harbor, Florida at Nona's Slice House.

This is a pizzeria worth visiting not only to savor the flavor but also to watch the dough-making spectacle as pizza acrobats stretch and spin and toss the pizza dough high into the air!

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Nona's Own Recipe

Roll out pizza dough, cooking pizza with a kitchen rolling pin on a black countertop at home. Ingredients for Italian pizza papperoni recipe.

Nona's Slice House was founded and is owned by Jamie Culliton. The name sounds like an authentic Italian place. But that's not the case.

Nona's Slice House was actually named by combining Culliton's children's names, Noah and Naomi. No doubt, a labor of love!

Jamie Culliton has 27 years of pizza-making experience. His outstanding recipe won two gold medals at the World Pizza Championships in Italy, and a first-place plaque at the American Pizza Championship.


Just another wild night at Nona’s Slice House!

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Even Culliton's dough-shaping technique is unique, and takes a bit of talent! Culliton is what you would call a "pizza acrobat," someone who does stunts spinning and hand-tossing dough.

The stunts are not only for theatrics. Culliton's technique prepares dough that cooks soft on the inside but crisp on the outside.

It's surely a sight to see Culliton in action when dough-making! He has been a pizza acrobat since he was a teenager and he has competed in world championships for this unique capability, too.

Extra Cheese, Please!

Woman adding cheese to pizza at grey table, closeup

Nona's world-class pizza slices are made to perfection.

Culliton has a specific technique he uses for layering cheese and tomato sauce. The process is a little more tedious compared to the usual method one would follow when making pizza.

For Culliton, a crispy pizza needs more care and a lot more separation between the ingredients. He insists that cheese should be separated and carefully laid down on the flattened pizza dough in almost a checkered pattern

While it might feel weird to only have cheese on one area of your dough, and then just sauce on another, the multi-award-winning chef does have credibility, and sense. He says that when the cheese and the sauce melt together in the oven, they will blend, covering the dough perfectly.

That's just one of the many techniques that makes Nona's Slice House unique. But don't worry, tossing random pizza ingredients and slathering sauce on the dough is definitely still acceptable.

Someone, Please Get Their Nona

High angle shot of a group of unrecognizable people's hands each grabbing a slice of pizza

From international acknowledgments to simply mouth-watering pizza visuals, Nona's Slice House is not one restaurant to disappoint.

And the pizza acrobats? They're not just for show. These skilled performers are an integral part of the pizza-making process, tossing and spinning dough with precision and grace, creating a visual spectacle that is as entertaining as it is impressive.

Recently featured on Fox13 News, Nona's Slice House has quickly become a must-visit destination for pizza lovers around the world. But don't take our word for it. Head down to 997 Main Street in Safety Harbor, Florida, and taste the gold-medal standard for yourself.

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