Privacy Meets Convenience: Delta’s New Parallel Reality Experience Takes Flight

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NEWS - Privacy is an essential factor in keeping airline travelers safe, and protecting their identities is especially important. Delta Air Lines aims to significantly reduce threats with the help of its new Parallel Reality Experience.

Delta Air Lines aircraft over airport

Enhanced Privacy With Convenience

Misapplied Sciences, a company with the goal of bringing innovation and new technology to the world, developed Delta's Parallel Reality Experience. This organization worked with Delta Air Lines and chose Detroit Metropolitan Airport to be the first to experience this new technology.

Using anonymous non-biometric detection technology, Delta’s Parallel Reality Experience aims to improve each passenger’s privacy and security while they wait for their next flight.

This feature helps reduce the time needed to search through numerous texts to find important data, such as departure gates and seat numbers.

How Delta’s Parallel Reality Experience Works

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At the time of writing, Delta Air Lines’ Parallel Reality Experience is being used only at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Passengers can visit Delta’s registration kiosk with their flight details after going through airport security.

Once at the kiosk, the process is reasonably straightforward:

  1. Scan a digital or paper boarding pass on the kiosk's interactive display.
  2. Once confirmed, go to the viewing area, which is a marked area near the kiosk.
  3. Look at the large screen above the viewing area to see your flight details.

Although the large display shows your flight’s information, you’re the only person who can see it. Other people nearby can’t see the images and text shown to you on the screen.

A non-biometric overhead sensor also shifts the footage on the display to accommodate your location so that you’ll always have a good view of the flight details without having to readjust your standing position. Up to 100 people can fit in the viewing area.

Each person’s Parallel Reality experience will disappear when they leave the viewing area. Delta’s passengers should return to the registration kiosk if they want to see their flight details on the large screen.

A large flight information digital display board at Terminal 5 departures in Heathrow Airp

It’s important to note that this feature is still in its beta experience stage. Delta Air Lines may improve the experience's accessibility and include additional features over time.

Non-registered individuals who walk into the viewing area will only see generic content, along with advertisements from Delta Air Lines.

Reducing Passenger Challenges

Older worried woman is reading timetable board in airport

Delta hopes to reduce passenger confusion when reading boarding passes with its large yet intuitive screen at the Detroit Metro airport. Doing so should also reduce the number of people making mistakes, such as waiting at the wrong departure gate and missing flights.

What People Are Saying About Delta’s New Technology

Passengers wait in line at a Delta Air Lines customer service desk at Salt Lake City Inter

Many people find the Parallel Reality Experience to be helpful in directing them to the correct location while they’re still in the airport. For instance, one TikTok user noted that the airport’s Sky Club has a smaller version of the screen for premium passengers.

Other people have said that the new tech is “so cool.” But not everyone finds the big screen that shows individual flight details to be impressive.

For instance, some TikTok users have said that they can simply look at their phones and see the same information that's displayed on the Parallel Reality Experience screen.

The Future Of The Parallel Reality Experience

A parallel reality experience in delta airport with a lot of monitor

Delta says that it's still collecting customer and employee feedback to help direct the growth and expansion of the Parallel Reality technology.

However, the airline company also says the possibilities of using this technology for other purposes are endless. Some highlighted examples include entertainment venues, shopping centers, and sports stadiums.

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