Buffalo’s Generosity Shines: Stranded Travelers Welcomed With Open Arms

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NEWS - A devastating blizzard blasted down the city of Buffalo, greatly affecting communities and residences.

Snow Storm in Montreal

This strong storm in Buffalo has left many travelers stranded. Highways were closed, and roads were too dangerous to be traversed.

Ten travelers were on tour headed to Niagara Falls. Nine of them were south Korean travelers. To reach their destination, they still had to travel for 30 minutes.

A group of koreans in a van going for travel

These travelers did not anticipate finding themselves in a difficult situation. They were unable to continue with their plans as their van was stuck in a heavy snowfall.

Heavy snow makes for treacherous conditions

Fortunately, good people were just around the corner. The area where travelers got stuck was close to the Campagna residence.

Alexander and Andrea Campagna opened their home to the stranded travelers who knocked at their door asking for help on Friday at two o'clock in the afternoon.

Young couple enjoying beautiful landscape view coming out of the modern house during the winter ti

The couple had prepared loads of food before the winter storm hit Buffalo. Preparation is significant to them as they are always prepared with enough food in their pantry, knowing firsthand that Buffalo storms can linger and keep people hunkered inside for days.

Alexander and Andrea offered the travelers their food they needed over the weekend, having plenty to spare and share. They dined together in the couple's home, showing tremendous hospitality to this would-be-stranded group which speaks so much hospitality.

They continuously exchanged stories and slowly got to know each other. They even had a toast for the newlywed in the group.

The travelers had also prepared Korean food such as spicy-stir fried pork and dakdoritang during the weekend. Some travelers were great cooks!

Korean Stir Fried pork belly kimchi with rice and spring onion. Asian food style

The snowstorm lasted so long that the travelers even spent Christmas Eve at the Campagna's home. The travelers could not leave the Campagna's until the snowstorm eased enough to traverse the roads safely.

On a Sunday morning, officers had already opened roads for travel. Thus, the perfect time for travelers to continue their journeys.

Being welcomed on the part of the stranded travelers was probably one of the best presents they had received this Christmas. According to Choi, one of the stranded travelers, the encounter with the couple was a "unique blessing."

Alexander and Andrea showed humanity despite this difficult time. Serving and helping others will always be a delight on their part.

"...If you receive a knock on the door at your home, and you open the door to perfect strangers... the compassion and love that human beings have for each other triumphs.", said Alexander.

Here's a video of Alexander being interviewed about their encounter with the stranded travelers:

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