Buffalo’s Blizzard Blown Birds Are Rescued

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NEWS - You might not think that a blizzard could ground even the birds. Well, have we got a story for you! Heavy Buffalo snowfall didn't just block roads and barricade homes; it also weighed down the local birds.

You'd be astounded at how heavy, wet snow can gunk up in a bird's feathers. It leaves the bird extremely limited, unable to spread its wings. Now, a stranded bird who cannot fly is a real tragedy!

Sympathetic neighbors came to the rescue mid-blizzard to painstakingly chip away ice and snow, freeing the suffering birds.

But wait, we have so many stories to tell it will melt your hearts!

Hand-chipping Ice To Rescue Bird After Bird

Snowy Owl smiles toward the camera, while sitting on a pile of snow.

The LaSalle Park in Buffalo also got hit by a blizzard, in which a lot of seagulls got stuck in the snow. The blizzard resulted in power outages, as the snow piled high at 51 inches!


But this couple will surely impress you. They just rescued the birds that got caught in the cold snow. Using their available tools they broke the snow around the birds.

At first, this couple struggles to rescue the birds. But with their dedication, they successfully saved 16 birds!

Warming Frigid Birds

seagull in the snow close up

This couple's heartwarming rescute literally warmed a bird to survival. They took the freed bird straight into their home!

They warmed the bird's wings by putting it in a box near the furnace. After some time, the bird is revived. So, the couple took the bird outside, and it flew away. This motivated them to rescue even more birds!

A Combined Front

The blizzard, strong wind, sleet, against the background of houses blurred silhouettes of people,

An inspiring rescue mission brought several neighbors outside amidst the storm, realizing the efforts and providing theirhelp. The community went to work with household tools to free trapped birds, and even other struggling animals.

Blizzard Strikes Buffalo Zoo: You Can Be A Rescuer, Too

Snowstorm, snow-covered street and cars with a lonely pedestrian

Not all stories do have a nice ending. The Buffalo Zoo totally froze when the blizzard hit. Animals were greatly affected, and many died despite zookeepers' rescue and care efforts.

Since December 2022, the Buffalo Zoo has been seeking financial support to recover from the losses and property damage to continue operating. They will also allocate funds to further protect the animals that survived the blizzard.

Ongoing Support

You can donate to the Buffalo Zoo to help! Make your contribution to the zoo's Emergency Response Fund to ease the thaw after this storm.

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