Seth Rogen’s Ceramic Studio Now Available For Your Next Airbnb Getaway

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 Seth Rogen at How It Ends LA Premiere at NeueHouse Hollywood

NEWS - Seth Rogen is well known as an actor, comedian, writer, and cannabis enthusiast. Rogen recently opened up his ceramics studio and creative space to guests via Airbnb.

Interested visitors can book a stay in Rogen's Los Angeles-based space and learn about his company, Houseplant, but the offer is only active for a limited time.

Houseplant, The Cannabis Company

Rogen's company, Houseplant, started operating in 2019, as it launched its first line of cannabis products in Canada. Two years later, the business expanded to the United States, particularly Los Angeles.

Houseplant is located in Los Angeles in a bungalow. It has a design reminiscent of a typical office space, but it also has a testing area for Rogen’s staff to experiment and maintain product quality.

Many of the company’s products are ceramic home goods. Interested customers can purchase items like vases and ceramic ashtray sets.

Customers can also buy pre-rolled joints. It's important to mention that the company has the right to refuse sales to certain people, particularly those residing in locations with strict cannabis laws.

Inside Houseplant

Via Airbnb, Rogen is inviting guests to a “creative retreat” where they can learn more about Houseplant. “Add me, and you’ll have the ultimate experience,” he said in an interview with Airbnb.

The bungalow where guests will stay has different accessories intended for smoking. Rogen designed several pieces of furniture in the bungalow. Guests can take advantage of the property’s other amenities.

A Night Of Pottery With Seth

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At the time of writing, Rogen is offering three one-night stays in February. Interested customers can book a stay on February 15, 16, or 17. One night is $42 (excluding taxes and other fees), and each reservation will be exclusive to a maximum of two guests.

Rogen has different events lined up for guests, such as:

  • Use the pottery studio and receive helpful tips from Seth Rogen himself.
  • Check out the property’s budding yard.
  • Vibe with a collection of records handpicked by Rogen and his business partner, Evan Goldberg.
  • Wine and dine with a fully-stocked fridge (complete with after-hours snacks).

How To Book A Stay

U.S. residents can request a stay by visiting airbnb.com/houseplant. Booking started on February 7 at 10 AM PT (1 AM ET). Note that guests are responsible for travel fares to reach the lodging.

Guests can expect the property to be spick-and-span upon arrival. Rogen is an advocate for cleanliness and uses his own products frequently, as he mentions in an interview with Architectural Digest: “I actually use my ashtrays all the time, and having them be cleanable is something we probably talk about more than almost anything. Ad nauseam.”

This dedication is also apparent in Rogen’s love for his business. It all began when he couldn’t find the products he was looking for. In an interview with Sunset magazine, he said, “For so long, weed has lived under your coffee table, in the sock drawer, or hidden someplace else, and I don’t think it deserves that.”

Guests who want to book a stay need to act fast since only three dates were available to reserve at the time of writing. Also, Rogen hasn't mentioned plans to reopen the offer.

Watch this video from Architectural Digest to learn more about Houseplant:

About Houseplant: Houseplant is a company brought to life by founders Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Alex McAtee, Michael Mohr, and James Weaver. It offers a quality cannabis experience, thanks in part to the company offering premium smoking goods.

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