20+ Stunning Beaches in Florida Locals Love: Insider’s Guide

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Florida, known as the Sunshine State, boasts an impressive coastline stretching over 825 miles, offering both locals and travelers an abundance of stunning beaches to explore.

From pristine sandy shores to crystal-clear, warm waters, these hidden gems are loved by Floridians for various reasons.

With a vast array of beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Straits of Florida, there is no shortage of scenic spots to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy various water activities.

Let us take you on a journey to discover 20 of these gorgeous beaches that hold a special place in the hearts of local Floridians.

Remember that these are just a few highlights of Florida's amazing coastline, so don't be afraid to venture out and explore other hidden gems on your own.

A new beach paradise is always waiting to be discovered in this remarkable state.

20 Stunning Beaches in Florida That Locals Love

1. Navarre Beach

Ever been to Navarre Beach, Florida's "Best-Kept Secret"?

Scenic View of Navarre Beach Florida.

Sandwiched between Pensacola and Destin, its white sandy shores and Gulf's vibrant hues scream relaxation.

But it's not just a chill spot; it's a haven for fishing, surfing, and even sea turtle spotting at the Navarre Beach Marine Park.

If you're after a less touristy beach day, this hidden gem is a must-visit!

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2. Pass-a-Grille Beach

Looking for a nostalgic beach vibe in Florida?

Pass a grille beach aerial photograph

Head to Pass-a-Grille Beach at the tip of St. Pete Beach. It's like stepping into an old-timey postcard with its quaint shops and seafood spots.

Whether you're catching sunsets or launching a boat trip to a hidden island, this charming beach spot is all about laid-back vibes and simple beauty.

Fancy a fish? There's a jetty waiting just for that!

3. Caladesi Island State Park

Swap city life for untouched splendor at Caladesi Island State Park, just off Dunedin's coast.

Aerial photo of Caladesi State Island Park

This island not only boasts some of Florida's best powdery white beaches, but it's also a haven for nature activities, from mangrove kayaking to bird spotting.

The journey, whether by ferry, private boat, or a scenic walk from Clearwater Beach, adds to the adventure.

It's an authentic island experience that stands out from the rest!

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4. St. George Island

Craving a low-key beach escape?

Panoramic view of the beach in St. George Island

St. George Island, nestled in Florida's Forgotten Coast, is the answer.

With its pristine beaches free from high-rises and a historic lighthouse to explore, relaxation is a given.

And for the active soul, there's fishing, birding, and trails aplenty in St. George Island State Park. Dive into nature's best, away from the crowds!

5. Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota isn't your average sandy spot—it's globally recognized!

Siesta Key Beach

Its sand, made up of 99% quartz, stays cool even in Florida's heat, perfect for those barefoot strolls.

Beyond the beach, Siesta Key Village tempts visitors with lively boutiques and eateries.

And for those craving a dose of adrenaline? From jet skiing to parasailing, the thrill is on!

6. Jupiter Beach

Jupiter Beach in Palm Beach County is more than just a beach—it's a paradise for both humans and dogs.

A panoramic view of Jupiter Beach

Boasting a rare 2.5-mile dog-friendly stretch, it's a treat for pet lovers.

But that's not all; with its pristine sands, clear waters, and nearby iconic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, it's a top pick for sunbathers and history buffs.

Keep an eye out, as sea turtles might just make an appearance!

7. Fort De Soto Park

Tucked away in Pinellas County, Fort De Soto Park sprawls across five interconnected keys at Tampa Bay's mouth.

The gorgeous beaches of Fort De Soto park

It's not just about its award-winning beaches; the park also houses a historic fort, captivating nature trails, and diverse camping spots.

From picnicking to spotting dolphins and birds, there's no shortage of activities. A visit promises a mix of relaxation and adventure in one scenic locale!

8. Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park, located in the Florida Panhandle, is a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

With its shimmering white sands and emerald waters, this park provides an idyllic backdrop for beachgoers.

A staircase leading down to the sands of Grayton Beach State Park

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the coastal dune lakes, a rarity worldwide, or hike and bike the nature trails.

The nearby town of Grayton Beach boasts vibrant art galleries and quirky boutiques, making it a delightful day trip.

9. Delray Beach

Known as the "Village by the Sea," Delray Beach is a delightful blend of upscale beach vibes and artsy charm.

Aerial drone shot in Delray Beach, Florida

This town, nestled along Florida's coast, is a hub for both locals and visitors. Trendy shops and fine dining spots line its streets, making it a hotspot for activity.

The heart of it all is Atlantic Avenue, buzzing with festivals, art shows, and live tunes. It's a place where coastal relaxation meets vibrant culture!

10. Sanibel Island

Ever bent over in the "Sanibel stoop"?

On Sanibel Island, it's a rite of passage for shell collectors! This island treasure is famous for its unique seashells scattered along the shore.

Far aerial shot of Sanibel Island in Florida

Beyond the beaches, there's a vibrant local community with shops, eateries, and art galleries.

And for bird enthusiasts? The J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit.

11. Clearwater Beach

Powdery white sands and sunsets that'll steal your breath away - that's Clearwater Beach in a nutshell.

Gorgeous white sands in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Dive into activities from pirate cruises to exploring the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Evening strolls are a treat with street performers lighting up Pier 60. A buzzing beach, it promises fun for all ages.

12. Captiva Island

Looking for a tranquil escape?

Captiva Island, Sanibel's neighbor, might be your answer.

Aerial photo of Captiva Island in Florida

This slice of paradise is dotted with quaint beach cottages and art galleries, making it a haven for romance and relaxation.

Its pristine shores and secluded vibe make it a dreamy spot to unplug and unwind.

13. Amelia Island

Nestled off Florida's northeast coast, Amelia Island is a blend of natural beauty and rich history.

Aerial photo of Amelia Island in Florida

With 13 miles of pristine beaches, it's a haven for relaxation and wildlife spotting.

But there's more: Fernandina Beach, the island's heart, transports visitors to a bygone era with Victorian architecture.

It's an experience that seamlessly combines beach bliss with historical allure.

14. Key Biscayne

Looking to escape Miami's vibrant energy for a bit?

Key Biscayne is your peaceful retreat. Here, the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park beckons with pristine beaches and scenic biking trails.

White sands of Key Biscayne, Florida

You can explore a piece of history at its age-old lighthouse or just lounge on the sand, taking in the serenity.

15. New Smyrna Beach

Surfers, pack your boards, and head to New Smyrna Beach!

With waves that never disappoint, it's a top spot for catching a break. But there's more than just surf; immerse yourself in the town's rich history and cultural vibes.

New Smyrna beach in florida

And for those seeking pure, untouched nature, the nearby Canaveral National Seashore is a dream come true.

16. Bahia Honda State Park

Deep in the heart of the Florida Keys lies Bahia Honda State Park, a tropical paradise.

The beaches here are breathtaking, with azure waters that beckon for a swim or snorkel.

Gorgeous blue beaches of Bahia Honda State Park in Florida

But it's not just about the water; the old railway bridge adds a touch of historic charm.

Whether you're pitching a tent for camping or simply day-tripping, this park offers a blend of nature and nostalgia.

17. Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island, stretching seven miles of coastal beauty, is where relaxation meets local charm.

The gorgeous blue waters and skies of Anna Maria Island in Florida

Its beaches are a dream, perfect for a sunny or serene evening walk away.

Hungry? Dive into its fabulous restaurants or hunt for treasures in its delightful shops.

Don't forget to check out the iconic city pier and immerse yourself in its buzzing arts scene; it truly captures that old Florida magic.

18. Boca Grande

If you've never been to Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande is the place to start.

This tranquil spot is famous not just for its serene beaches but also for its iconic lighthouse that watches over the coastline.

Gasparilla Island aerial drone shot

Anglers from all over come here for world-class fishing.

And if you're in the mood for some luxury, the Gasparilla Inn & Club is a testament to old-world elegance and charm.

19. Vero Beach

Switching gears, Vero Beach on Florida's Treasure Coast is where culture meets the coastline.

It's not just about sun and surf here; the Riverside Theatre and Vero Beach Museum of Art offer enriching experiences.

The long shore line in Vero Beach, Florida

The town itself is a blend of upscale shops, casual cafes, and a laid-back beach atmosphere.

For those who love the outdoors, there are kayak tours and nature trails. It's the kind of place that caters to both your cultural and beach-bumming needs!

20. Ponte Vedra Beach

Over at Ponte Vedra Beach, luxury is the name of the game. Known for its posh resorts and unparalleled golf courses, it's where relaxation meets recreation.

Blue waters and white shores of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

And if golf's your thing, visiting TPC Sawgrass is non-negotiable, being the home of The Players Championship.

But it's not just about teeing off; the pristine beaches and upscale amenities give everyone a taste of the high life.

Whether you're a golfer or a beachgoer, Ponte Vedra has its arms wide open.

21. Hollywood Beach

Last but not least, Hollywood Beach is a must-visit, boasting the one-of-a-kind Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

Hollywood Beach near Hallandale in Florida during a beautiful sunny afternoon and minimal clouds

This 2.5-mile promenade stretches along the Atlantic, offering a vibrant mix of shops and cafes.

The beach itself invites for sunbathing and water sports, with stunning sunsets that capture Florida's coastal beauty. Perfect for both relaxation and exploration, it's a true highlight of the state.

Beach Activities and Amenities

Beautiful Crandon Park Beach located in Key Biscayne in Miami.

Water Sports and Activities

Florida's stunning beaches offer a wide range of water sports and activities for locals to enjoy.

From paddleboarding at Crandon Park to kiteboarding in Miami Beach, there's no shortage of fun on the water. Some popular water sports and activities include:

Engaging in jet skiing at Crandon Park, Florida.

  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Jet skiing

Picnicking and Dining Options

Many of Florida's beaches have great picnicking and dining options nearby. Pack a picnic and head to Pinellas County's beaches for a relaxing day by the water.

Indian Rocks Beach, FL. Indian Rocks Beach, or IRB, is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States.

If you prefer dining out, waterfront restaurants at Fort Myers Beach offer delicious seafood with an amazing view.

Nature Trails and Wildlife

Florida's beaches aren't just for sunbathing and water sports. There are also beautiful nature trails and wildlife to explore.

Drone photo of Fort Myers Beach

For example, at the Town of Fort Myers Beach, you can find scenic trails like Matanzas Pass Preserve.

Keep an eye out for birds, sea turtles, and other native wildlife as you stroll along.

Seasonal Recommendations

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Best Time to Visit Each Beach

Florida's beaches are stunning year-round, but certain times may offer different experiences.

For sun-seekers, summer is the peak season with the hottest weather and abundant sunshine.

In contrast, winter offers cooler temperatures, making it ideal for shell collecting and beach strolling activities.

Aerial photo of the crystal clear beach of Miami, 7 Stunning Beaches in Florida Locals Love: Insider's Guide

  • Miami Beach: Visit during spring (Mar-May) for warm temperatures and fewer crowds.
  • Key West: The best months are November through April, as the weather remains warm while avoiding hurricane season.

To enjoy natural beauty and wildlife, consider visiting beaches during their respective peak seasons:

  • Turtle nesting season: May through October
  • Bird migration periods: Spring and fall

Tips for Off-Peak Visits

Off-peak visits can be delightful, offering fewer crowds and more affordable accommodations.

Resort and hotel lounge chairs lined up on clean, white sand under clear, blue sky at beautiful St. Pete Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida

However, acquiring insider knowledge can help elevate the experience:

  • Know beach amenities: Some beaches may have fewer facilities or reduced hours during the off-peak season. Pinellas County beaches provide information on beach access and amenities.
  • Check weather alerts: Keep up with local weather forecasts and stay informed about potential storms or temperature fluctuations.

 Pinellas County beaches

Lastly, immerse yourself in local happenings and attend events that cater to residents, like farmers markets or community festivals.

You'll be experiencing these amazing beaches like a true Floridian!

20 Stunning Beaches In Florida Locals Love: Insider’s Guide

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  1. I was born in Miami and live in Titusville and at the top of my bucket list is “Beer Can Island”
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  2. The best Beach in Florida is HOLLYWOOD BEACH! Bar none? please show a picture of the beach so folks can see the real thing!

  3. You should mention that Florida is the lightning capital of the world. They should take heed of the weather conditions. Get out of water and off the beaches when they hear thunder.

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