Airports Near Yellowstone – Which One to Choose for Each Entrance?

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Think about seeing geysers, waterfalls, and wildlife in one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Millions of people visit Yellowstone National Park annually to enjoy its natural wonders.

Whether you are entering from the North, South, East, or West or visiting the nearby Grand Teton National Park, several airports are nearby to make your trip easier.

Here is a simple guide to the airports around Yellowstone to help you pick the best one for your visit.

1. North Entrance: Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN)

View of the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN), located in Gallatin County, Montana.

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is a great option for those heading to the North Entrance of Yellowstone.

Located near Bozeman, Montana, this airport is about an hour and a half from Yellowstone’s North Entrance. It is also a convenient gateway if you visit Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.

Bozeman offers a variety of flight options from airlines like Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, Sun Country, and United.

This airport is ideal for those who want to visit the park year-round, as the North Entrance is the only one that remains open throughout the year.

2&3. West Entrance: Yellowstone Airport (WYS) and Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA)

A Brazilian-built Embraer 175LR of SkyWest Airlines parked at Idaho Falls Regional Airport

The closest airport to Yellowstone’s West Entrance is Yellowstone Airport in West Yellowstone, Montana. This small airport is just over five minutes from the park entrance, making it the best choice for minimizing driving time.

Airlines like Delta and United operate here, primarily connecting through Salt Lake City and Denver. The airport operates seasonally from May to mid-October.

Another option for the West Entrance is Idaho Falls Regional Airport, located about two and a half hours away. This airport provides good access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and is a budget-friendly alternative to other regional airports.

Airlines serving Idaho Falls include Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, and United.

4. East Entrance: Yellowstone Regional Airport (COD)

Yellowstone Regional Airport, Cody, Wyoming, United States of America

If heading to the East Entrance, consider flying into Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, Wyoming. This airport is less than an hour from the park entrance and offers affordable flights connecting from Denver.

Cody is known for its Western attractions and is named after Buffalo Bill Cody. This airport is ideal for visiting the eastern areas of Yellowstone, such as Yellowstone Lake or Fishing Bridge. United Airlines operates flights here.

5. South Entrance: Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)

View of the Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, United States

Jackson Hole Airport is the best option for those heading to the South Entrance of Yellowstone. Located inside Grand Teton National Park, this airport offers stunning views of the Tetons upon landing.

It is about an hour's drive from Yellowstone’s South Entrance. Airlines like Alaska, American, Delta, and United operate here.

Although flights can be pricey, especially during the ski season, Jackson Hole Airport is ideal for those who want to minimize driving time to Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

6. Northeast Entrance: Billings Logan International Airport (BIL)

Billings Logan International Airport tower

For those heading to the Northeast Entrance, Billings Logan International Airport in Billings, Montana, is a good option.

Located about three hours from the park, this airport is a budget-friendly choice, especially for those planning to explore the Beartooth Highway and Lamar Valley. Airlines like Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, and United serve this airport.

7. Closest International Airport: Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

Passengers pass through the central part of the brand new terminal at Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC).

Salt Lake City International Airport is the closest international airport to Yellowstone, about five hours from the park’s West Entrance.

This airport is a hub for Delta Airlines and offers direct flights to nearly every major airport in the country. It is a top choice for budget-friendly, direct flights and international travelers.

8. Largest Airport: Denver International Airport (DEN)

 Denver International Airport at summer

Denver International Airport is the largest and busiest airport within driving distance of Yellowstone, about eight hours from the East Entrance.

As a hub for United Airlines, it offers numerous budget-friendly and international flight options. However, Denver is a much longer drive than Salt Lake City.

Finding the Perfect Airport for Your Yellowstone Trip

Visiting Yellowstone National Park is a memorable experience filled with breathtaking sights and natural wonders. Choosing the right airport is key to making your trip as smooth as possible.

Whether you prefer the closest airport at West Yellowstone, the scenic Jackson Hole Airport, or the more budget-friendly options like Idaho Falls or Billings, there is an airport to suit every traveler's needs.

By picking the right airport, you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of Yellowstone and less time on the road. Safe travels, and enjoy your adventure!

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