10 Must Have Gadgets For Your Next Trip!

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It’s no question that technology has made traveling a breeze. But some gadgets provide ultimate fun, safety, and necessity along your journey. Here, you’ll find 10 absolute must-have tech items you should pack in your luggage for your next vacation.

1. Apple AirTag

If you’re a proud iPhone user, you can sync these button-like gadgets with that mobile phone. That way, you’ll know where your luggage is every time.

It’s a small yet practical tool for keeping tabs on your luggage's location, particularly with the risk of losing your items in the airport or at your travel destination.

Take note that you can also sync multiple Apple AirTags with one Apple account. You can also assign each AirTag a name so you'll know which item you attached to this gadget.

Setting up an Apple AirTag is also quite easy. Check out this video to know the steps for the initial setup process:

AirTags isn’t only affordable, but also doesn't require any monthly fees to use. Perhaps the only major drawback of using this small device is it can't track things in motion. Nonetheless, you should be able to know the location of your luggage or other connected items if they stop.

Check out this product on Amazon.

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2. Tile Pro

Tile Pro has similar functions as the Apple AirTag but works with both the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Although it’s more expensive than an AirTag, you can take advantage of premium features with this gadget.

Aside from its flexible use, the Tile Pro has IP67-rated water resistance. That means it can still work even if it becomes submerged in water for up to 400 feet.

Plus, this device works both ways with its connected smartphone. Pressing its button activates its “Find Phone” feature, making the connected mobile device emanate a loud ring if you lost it.

Still, it's important to mention that the Tile Pro has some features locked behind a paywall. But once you upgrade to the product's premium plan, you can enjoy features like Smart Alert notifications. If so, the gadget will send a notification to the connected smartphone if an item is out of its range.

Check out this product on Amazon.

Also, check out this video to gain additional insights into the Tile Pro:

3. MiniPresso

It’s relatively safe to say that there’s an extreme lack of coffee-making machines in hotels. Most travel lodgings typically only offer a kettle to help you boil water, along with some packs of instant coffee. But for coffee and travel enthusiasts, the MiniPresso is the answer!

Unlike the giant espresso makers you see in cafés, the MiniPresso is a handheld and travel-friendly way to help you start your day with a quick morning coffee. It works by using human and mechanical interactions, which also means that it doesn’t need a battery for you to use it.

The lid also acts as a small cup, which can be useful if you’re traveling light.

On the downside, the entire gadget has a plastic construction. So pouring hot water in it frequently may cause the material to degrade faster than expected. Still, it can be tough to argue with this caveat after seeing its fairly reasonable price point.

Check out this product on Amazon.

Watch this video if you want to learn how to use the MinPresso:

4. EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

Imagine traveling to another country, only to find out that the wall outlet in your travel destination is different than the one back home. You can alleviate those worries by using a reliable universal travel adapter like this product from EPICKA.

This product has ports that are usable in different countries, including several locations in Europe, Asia, and the US. It also has four USB ports and a USB-C terminal to help charge different mobile devices.

Bear in mind that this product is only a travel adapter and not a voltage converter. So you should still be careful about what you should plug into this gadget to avoid risks of overloads and short circuits.

Check out this product on Amazon.

You can also watch this video to hear one reviewer’s thoughts about the EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter if you’re still thinking about buying this product:

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5. Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones

From loud crying babies to annoying salespeople that won’t leave you alone, the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones can become your best friend in blocking unwanted noises. These noise-canceling headphones are the successor to the WH-1000XM4 from the same brand.

With this version, you can take advantage of top-of-the-line noise cancellation technology. For the most part, it works reasonably well. You can also adjust the noise-cancellation potency through a dedicated app.

These headphones are also wireless, which means you don’t need to worry about a cord dangling from the headset to your smartphone every time. Still, you can connect the headphones to your smartphone through a 3.5-millimeter jack if its 30-hour battery life dies.

Plus, comfort is an understatement when wearing these headphones as it can be possible to wear this product for hours. The plush leather on the earcups provides sufficient grip to help prevent sound leakage while minimizing listening fatigue as much as possible.

However, the WH-1000XM5 doesn't fold, unlike its predecessor. That means that it can take up additional space in your backpack or suitcase while it's in storage.

Check out this product on Amazon.

Watch this review by tech reviewer MKBHD to gain additional insights into the Sony WH-1000XM5:

6. OYO Nova Portable Gym

It can be tough to stay in shape while you’re traveling, especially with all the local tasty delicacies you can find and savor. Some lodgings also don't have in-house gyms, which makes it more challenging to ensure you don't pack in the extra pounds while you're on vacation.

Enter the OYO Nova, a portable full-body piece of gym equipment you can put inside your backpack or suitcase. You can use it to train different muscle groups, including the arms, back, and legs.

This portable gym also has up to 40 pounds of adjustable resistance. Still, for some people, such as bodybuilders and powerlifters, the maximum resistance supplied by the OYO Nova might not be enough.

Check out this product on Amazon.

Watch this how-to video on how to use the OYO Nova to see what exercises you can do with this compact fitness gadget:

7. Omnicharge 20+ Power Bank

It can be an annoying experience to try and take the perfect travel photo, only for your camera or smartphone to run out of battery power. The Omnicharge 20+ Power Bank can be a great solution to this issue.

For starters, this power bank is compatible with many devices, including iPads, MacBooks, DSLRs, and different smartphone models. It can also carry up to 20,000mAh of charge, which, in theory, can charge an iPhone 14 Pro Max from 0% to 100% about four times.

You can also connect other gadgets to this power bank simultaneously. Its 100-watt charging speed also ensures that your devices charge fast so you won’t need to miss that perfect vacation moment.

It also has a wireless charging feature for compatible mobile devices. But the wireless charging speed is almost negligible for it might be better to plug your gadget into this power bank for a faster charge.

Check out this product on Amazon.

Watch the following review if you need a second opinion before purchasing this product:

8. Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Machine

Sleep is as important or perhaps more essential while you're traveling than when you're at home. Depriving yourself of a good night's rest can make your day miserable, regardless of the great encounters you're trying to experience on your trip. Use this white noise machine to help you stay rested during your travels.

Choose between the three sounds produced by the Yogasleep Rohm White Noise Maker. Cycle through gentle surf, deep white noise, or bright white noise, depending on your sleeping preferences. Also, it only has a 3.5-inch diameter, so it doesn’t take up a significant amount of space in your luggage.

Despite its usefulness, it doesn’t have a long lifespan. Some customers complained that this product only lasted for a few months. Still, it can be tough to argue about its lifespan after seeing its reasonably inexpensive price tag.

Check out this product on Amazon.

Watch this short clip for a quick preview of what the Yogasleep Rohm White Noise Machine sounds like:

9. Pivo Pod

Do you find yourself frequently asking another person to take your picture while you’re on a trip? If so, the Pivo Pod might be the solution to this issue.

This product is a small mount that works like a camera tripod for your smartphone. But the feature that sets it apart from a traditional tripod is its embedded tracking technology.

Use it with its dedicated app, and it’ll move the attached camera to its focus point while you’re recording a video. You can also manually move the Pivo Pod with its accompanying remote.

But be wary as your smartphone’s microphone may hear the pod’s motor sounds. Still, it’s a compact stabilizer to help you take clear and steady shots of your travels.

Check out this product on Amazon.

Watch this video from tech reviewer Daniel Sin if you need to look at this product from another perspective:

10. Garmin Instinct 2

In the realm of smartwatches, Garmin sits at one of its thrones, especially as it offers the Instinct 2 to many travelers. This premium-priced smartwatch is a durable beast, which can be ideal for travelers that are avid enthusiasts of outdoor activities.

In particular, this GPS smartwatch has a water resistance rating that can go up to 100 meters in depth. Plus, it has thermal, shock, and scratch resistance. It also has a maximum battery life of 28 days. However, it only lasts approximately 30 hours if you turn on its GPS mode.

The kit also comes with a small dedicated power bank meant to charge the Instinct 2 while you’re on the go. This small power bank can provide this smartwatch with at least one additional charge, ideal for those hiking trips that may last for more than one day.

Check out this product on Amazon.

Watch this video to know other things about the Gamin Instinct 2 that might pique your interest:

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